Welcome to the Academic Success Resources page (hosted by the Advising Center)! Below you will find resources designed to equip you for success during your time as a student at DTS.

Tutorial Services

  • Free tutoring is available for Greek and Hebrew. Please contact the Old Testament (Hebrew) or New Testament (Greek) departments for tutor availability.
  • Some students make themselves available as tutors in various subjects (writing, editing, language, etc.) for a nominal fee by placing their names on the “Special Skills List” available through our Department of Student Life.

Writing Resources

  • RS101 Orientation and Research Methods might be a required course for you. If so, complete it your first semester! If not, you might consider taking it (1 credit hour), so you can learn how to conduct research and properly format your DTS papers.
  • A part-time editor is available to assist international students. Contact our International Student office for more information.
  • Dr. Sandra Glahn, Associate Professor in Media Arts and Worship has outlined 10 tips for your writing project.
  • “5 Steps to Writing Better Papers” was a seminar hosted on the Dallas campus. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions proven to increase your writing ability:
    1. Schedule
    2. Brainstorm
    3. Outline and Transitions
    4. Review and Polish
    5. Writing Ethically/Q&A
  • Information is provided for the capstone writing project in certain degrees, such as RS 103 (MACL, MACS, MBTS) or RS 102/Thesis (ThM and STM).

Online Studies Resources

ThM Thesis Resources

  • The Advising Center has created a handout that describes the differences between completion of a ThM thesis and RS102.