Have you heard from our faculty advisors? Every fall and spring semester a group of faculty members spend one hour a week in the Advising Center contacting some segment of our student body. When they are not making calls or sending emails, they are meeting with students by appointment or walk-in.

Why might a student meet with a faculty advisor? Great question!

Faculty Advisors:

  • Address student questions regarding ministry realities.
  • Give advice that helps students transition from studies to ministry.
  • Offer insight regarding best study practices.
  • Pray for students going through difficult times.
  • Provide information concerning courses offered in their department.
  • Help ThM students understand the emphases in the professor’s department.
  • Answer questions with regard to thesis topic ideas.
  • Offer elective recommendations to students wondering how to best prepare for an uncertain and varied ministry future.

The faculty advisors change from year to year so please contact the Advising Center for particular persons and their Advising Center hours (214-887-5080). They take phone appointments, pre-set appointments, and walk-ins.

Also, look for announcements (email, monitors in WSC, Chapel slides) highlighting group advising opportunities with faculty!