Our goal is to assist students to avoid registration barriers, obtain transcripts, and to meet their financial obligations to the Seminary.

Charges to Your Account

When you register for classes (add credit hours), this creates charges on your DTS Student account. View the current tuition and fee rates. For a more detailed description of the fees, please see section 3.2 of the DTS Student Handbook.

When you unregister for classes (drop credit hours), this creates credits on your DTS Student account.

The difference between your charges less credits, payments, scholarships, loans, etc. equals the amount you owe on your DTS student account:

 Registered Credit Hours (Charges)
Dropped Credit Hours
Payments, Scholarships, Direct Loans, Etc.
=Balance Due on DTS Student Account

Student Account Statement

Your student account statement can be found on CampusNet under Your Info. Your student account statement will show student account transactions that have occurred between a defined set of dates. To view your complete student account statement showing all transactions since you began your studies at DTS, you will want to click on Get Complete Statement.

Estimated Bill

The Estimated Bill will not show prior charges, credits, and payments so always check your Student Account Statement for your actual balance on your DTS student account.

Automatic Email of Activity

You will receive an automatic email every Monday morning if your DTS student account had activity on it during the prior week. This is our way of keeping you informed of activity happening on your student account. You may also receive emails from the DTS Bursar periodically throughout the semester.


Warnings called HOLDS on your DTS student account may prevent you from accomplishing a specific task such as registering for your next semester. When you see a HOLD on your account, please contact the appropriate department to determine what action you must take to have the hold removed.

Delinquent Student Account

As a DTS student, you are the one responsible for your student account to continue on a current account status and not become delinquent. Your student account becomes delinquent when an outstanding balance exists. Should your student account become delinquent, a financial hold (SFO or ACCT) will be placed on your student account.

Notices are sent from the DTS Bursar/Student accounts to students with delinquent accounts by email and also by letter. If a final notice is sent to the student and no response from the student is received by the DTS Bursar/Student Account Office, the delinquent student account will be sent to collections and may affect the student’s credit rating.


When you drop credit hours, you may receive a credit of tuition and fees (prior to the beginning of the term) to your DTS student account according to the refund schedule. Once the credit is posted to your student account, the credit may:

  • remain on your account to be used for a future semester
    Note: This will automatically happen unless a refund request is received to refund the funds off the account. Exception: Direct Loan excess is automatically refunded to the student.
  • adjust your TMS payment plan to reduce your monthly payments
  • be returned to your third party support or other tuition assistance
  • be given to you, if no restrictions apply, in the form of direct deposit or a paper check

Refund Request

You may request a refund by replying to the automatic email you receive on a Monday morning or by emailing stuacct@dts.edu or calling 214-887-5020. Refunds will be made via Direct deposit. Please complete the Direct Deposit form if you have not already (add link (it’s right below)).  If you prefer a paper check, please specify this in your e-mail or voice message when you contact the Bursar.

Direct Deposit Enrollment

DTS highly encourages all students to enroll in direct deposit. The funds will be deposited in your bank account on Friday of the same week. Enroll in Direct Deposit.

Book Center Transfers

Should you want all or a portion of your TMS budget, direct loan “pending aid” disbursement, or your credit balance on your student account transferred over to the DTS Book Center, please email stuacct@dts.edu with your transfer request and the amount you want transferred over to the DTS Book Center.

Student FAQs

If your question is not answered below, please email stuacct@dts.edu or call 214-887-5086. The Bursar’s office is located on second floor of the Horner Administration Building.

Last Year Free: Who do I contact if I have an issue or question about my Last Year Free billing?  Contact lastyearfree@dts.edu or 214-887-5350.

Counseling Course Hours: How do I get my counseling classes changed from the typical 3 hours to my 2 hour requirement?

Contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@dts.edu or 214-887-5350.

Full-time ministry discount:  How do I submit a letter from my employer verifying I qualify for the full-time ministry discount?

Send the letter to registrar@dts.edu, or mail it attention Registrar’s Office at 3909 Swiss Avenue Dallas, TX 75204.

Late Registration Fees: Who do I contact about questions regarding a late registration fee I incurred?

Contact the Registrar’s Office at registrar@dts.edu or 214-887-5350.

Late Payment Fees: Who do I contact about questions regarding late payment fee I incurred?  Contact stuacct@dts.edu or 214-887-5020.

Itemized billing receipt: Who can help me get an itemized receipt for my place of employment or church?  E-mail stuacct@dts.edu with detailed instructions about what information is needed or call  214-887-5020. Please allow 5 business days for processing.

New Student

I am a new student. I just applied, got accepted, and registered for classes within the last week. When is my payment due for the semester?
If it is prior to the semester’s payment designated payment deadline, payment is due on the designated payment deadline date. If it is after the designated payment deadline, payment is due Friday of the week that you were registered.
What is the Advanced Deposit?
The advanced deposit is a one-time fee you pay your first fall or spring semester. When it is time for you to graduate, it is transferred to pay for your graduation fees. Should you go on an automatic leave of absence (LOA) or withdraw from your degree program, the advanced deposit is forfeited. The Registrar’s office informs the Bursar’s office as to whether the deposit should be forfeited.
What is the New Student Assessment Fee?
New students are assessed a one-time nonrefundable new student assessment/orientation fee. This fee covers the costs of assessment tests and incoming student orientation.
What is the General Fee?
A nonrefundable general fee is charged each semester to all students. This fee covers the student’s subscription to Bibliotheca Sacra, the library usage fee, Student Council allotment, laboratory fees for preaching and homiletics, vehicle sticker, and other administrative costs.
What is the Technology Fee?
A nonrefundable technology fee is charged each semester to all students. This fee covers maintaining and upgrading computers for student use, classroom presentation technologies, LOGOS software, online and network access, and other technology resources.
I registered for Summer courses, but I don’t see the Summer charges on my student account statement. I only see my current Spring semester charges.
Check what semester you are logged in under on campusnet. Change the semester to the correct Summer semester.
Does DTS mail a statement to my address on file once I register?
No. As a DTS student, you have access to your student account statement 24/7 on campusnet.
Does DTS give a receipt for payment at the Cashier?
DTS gives receipts for cash payments only. Access to your student account statement is available 24/7 for you to see your payment posted to the account.
Can my spouse,parent, or another third party person call the Cashier or Bursar to discuss my student account?
No, unless written consent from the student is received. Please review the Notification of Rights under FERPA for Postsecondary Institutions.
Can you please release the hold on my account that is preventing me from registering?
You must make sure you have completed the needed task in order for the hold to be released. Once your account is verified the hold will be released.

Payment Deadline

Can payment be made over the phone?
No. Payment can be made online, on CampusNet, or in person (by cash or check only) at the Cashier on the Dallas campus.
What address do I mail my payment to?
Attn: Cashier, DTS, 3909 Swiss Ave., Dallas, TX 75204. Review all available payment options.
Does DTS drop classes due to nonpayment?
Yes. If you do not pay your semester balance due by the designated payment deadline, your classes will be dropped due to nonpayment. You will have an opportunity after the payment deadline to register again.
What does financially cleared mean?
Financially cleared means you have been approved by the DTS Bursar’s office to stay in your classes because you either 1) paid your balance due in full by the payment deadline or 2) your balance is fully covered by payments, TMS payment plan, direct loan, or other means.
Why is there a convenience fee of 2.75% added to my credit card transaction?
A convenience fee is charged to cover the cost DTS incurs to accept your credit card as a form of payment. It is only charged if you use a credit or debit card for payment.

Tuition Management System (TMS)

How do I contact TMS directly?
1-800-722-4867 or www.afford.com/dts.
Can my TMS monthly payment plan be adjusted throughout the semester?
Yes. Contact TMS at 1-800-722-4867 or the DTS Bursar at stuacct@dts.edu or 214-887-5020 to adjust your TMS budget amount.
Can I make my TMS monthly payment at the school?
Yes. When making payment at DTS, please inform the Cashier at 214-887-5028 or the Bursar at stuacct@dts.edu or 214-887-5096 that you want your payment applied to your TMS payment plan.
Can I pay a portion of my semester bill to DTS and enroll in TMS for the remaining balance?
Do I have to be enrolled in a certain number of credit hours to utilize the TMS payment plan?
No. You may use TMS if you are enrolled in 1 credit hour or 20 credit hours.
Do I have to owe a certain dollar amount in order to utilize the TMS payment plan?
No. However, you can’t go over $8000.00 for each term. If your budget amount for the term is over $8000.00, please contact the DTS Bursar.
I enrolled in the TMS payment plan, but now I don’t need the plan. Can I receive a refund of the enrollment fee?
No. The enrollment fee is nonrefundable.


Is a credit balance on my student account automatically refunded to me?
No. Credit balances automatically remain on your student account and apply to a future semester unless it is a direct loan credit balance. Direct Loan credit balances are automatically refunded to you. Refund requests can be emailed to stuacct@dts.edu.
How do I request a refund of a credit balance on my student account?
You may email stuacct@dts.edu or call 214-887-5020 with your request.
Are fees refundable?
No. After the start date of the class, the fees are not refundable.
What if I had an extenuating circumstance arise that made me cancel my class? Is there a way to petition for my fees to be waived?
There is a credits committee that reviews such requests on a case by case basis. You may petition the credits committee to consider waiving your fees. To begin this process, you must contact the Registrar’s Ofiice at registrar@dts.edu or 214-887-5350.


I have been awarded a DTS scholarship, but it is not posting on my student account. Whom should I contact?
Contact DTS Financial Aid.
My scholarship was removed, what happened?
You may have not turned in your thank you letter in time and therefore the financial aid office removed your scholarship as turning in a thank you letter is a requirement to receive the scholarship. If you are turning in a thank you letter late, please provide an explanation as to why it is late.


I am graduating and I owe $12.00. What is the $12.00 charge?
When you completed your graduation application, you checked the box that you wanted to receive the Evangelical Training Association (ETA) diploma. There is a $12.00 charge for this and you will receive the diploma at the same time as your DTS diploma.
What are my graduation fees at the end of my degree program?
You pay an advanced deposit your first fall or spring semester. This is held until you graduate and is then transferred over to cover your graduation fees. Therefore, except for miscellaneous graduation fees such as invitations, you will not have any other graduation fees.


I didn’t receive my 1098-T form. Where can I obtain a copy of it?
You may obtain an electronic copy of your form at www.tsc1098t.com. For more information, visit the Financial Aid 1098-T information site.
Whom do I contact to appeal a parking ticket?
Contact Campus Police.
Can I pay my library fine with the Cashier?
No. All library fines are paid at the library.
Is there a listing of the tuition rates and fees?
View the most current tuition rates and fees.
How am I informed that changes occurred on my student account?
On Monday morning, you will receive an automatic email from DTS if any transactions on your student occurred during the prior week. You also have access to your student account statement on CampusNet.
Is there emergency aid available?
In the event of unxepected needs, applications are available for emergency aid. Most student requests are between $300-500. The Emergency Aid application is found online.