Preparation for being a Bible translator for unreached people groups, offered jointly with Dallas International University (DIU or Dallas Intl.).

Contact Information

Dallas Location: 
1st Floor of Walvoord Student Center
Dallas Office Hours:
Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm (Central)
General Advising Number: 
General Advising Email:

Degree Overview

Total Hours62 credit hours
Degree Time Limit7 years from first DTS class
Real-time courses0 courses required
(Students will likely need to move to Dallas to complete unique degree requirements)
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)10 hours per academic year

0-18 Credit Hours

  1. Refer to the degree plan for your entering catalog as an overall guide
  2. Meet with an academic advisor to discuss:
    • What led you to DTS
    • If students have met DIU prerequisites (determined by DIU) and when students anticipate taking DIU courses
    • Previous academic background and future ministry goals
  3. Register for core courses: BE5101, NT5101 or OT5101, and SF5145.
  4. Student should be aware of the following when planing the DTS portion of their degree:
    • SF5145 MABEL Spiritual Formation is two-semesters and only begins in the fall semester at the Dallas campus.
    • WM5540 Applied Biblical Contextualization is only offered in the fall semester. It is sometimes available by Remote Video (RV) for students outside of the Dallas area.
    • BE5315 Bible Manners and Customs is only offered in the fall semester of even numbered years (i.e. Fall 2020, Fall 2022, etc). It is sometimes available by Remote Video (RV) for students outside of the Dallas area.
  5. Request Language Proficiency Exams or take Advanced Standing Exams (if applicable)
    • Students may review the eligible courses and number of credits hours for the MABEL on the Advanced Standing page.
    • The Hebrew exams (OT5101 & OT5102) are not available online and must be proctored on-campus or at the student’s location. Please contact Tina Karnes, OT Department Administrative Assistant, about arranging this exam: 
  6. Familiarize yourself with the Academic Success Resource Center for various tools and links to assist with your courses.

19-45 Credit Hours

How many prerequisites are needed at Dallas International?

Dallas International University requires students to demonstrate previous training in linguistics. If students do not have this training, then the student will need to take 15-hours of undergraduate credit (4 courses). These courses are available over the summer but a student is not able to complete all prerequisites in one summer. Students are encouraged to work with the Dallas International academic advisor for course availability and meeting the prerequisites in order to take the required MABEL courses at DIU.

Prerequisite courses are not part of the required MABEL curriculum. If students take prerequisites at Dallas Intl. in a fall and/or spring semester and do not enroll in any required courses in the MABEL at DTS or DIU, then students must submit a Leave of Absence request for DTS. If students do not submit an LOA request, then they forfeit their Graduation Deposit. If students have questions about the need for an LOA at DTS, students should ask the DTS academic advisor.

If MABEL students do go on a Leave of Absence at DTS to meet DIU prerequisites or for other reasons, they will not have access to the following:

  • DTS Logos Software
  • DTS Housing (apart from approval by the Housing Director)
  • DTS Student Insurance (if utilizing this option)

46-62 Credit Hours

What is required for Graduation at DTS?

  1. Students must submit the Admission to Candidacy Application (including all references) by the deadline listed for each semester on the Graduation Information page.
  2. Confirm the Graduation Date listed in the system corresponds to your plan with your Academic Advisor and/or Registrar’s Office. (Update graduation date here)
  3. Review/Confirm upcoming semester plans with an academic advisor to ensure all degree requirements are met.
  4. If students are finishing their degree at Dallas International, then students should coordinate with their DIU professors and the DIU Registrar’s Office to submit coursework early, grades, and a transcript by the dates set for graduating students coursework. Students may contact the DTS Registrar’s Office for further information: 
  5. Students should indicate their plans to participate in spring Commencement using the Commencement Ceremony Participation application during the available dates and after being approved for Candidacy.

After Graduation

Master’s level students keep their current Logos Bible Software package. Future Logos updates or upgrades are the responsibility of each person and not done through DTS.

DTS graduates have three options for further training:

  1. Self-paced learning through Online Videos – All online courses and lectures are available for graduates to access through the Alumni portal. No application is required.
  2. Alumni nondegree – Graduates may take additional DTS courses as a nondegree student, either for audit or credit at a reduced rate. If students take courses for Alumni nondegree credit and want to use the course(s) toward another Master’s degree, then the student will need to pay the difference of tuition between the Alumni rate and current tuition rate.
  3. Pursue an additional DTS degree – Graduates may return to DTS to pursue a second Master’s degree. Graduates must reapply through Admissions and previous DTS credits are reevaluated and remaining requirements are evaluated upon readmission.