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The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. MACL students often ask these questions:

1. What do I need to know as I plan toward completing the MACL?

Face to face requirementat least 21 hours (22 hours for Fall 2019 or later)
Locationanywhere at least 49% of the course is face to face with the professor
ElectivesLook for EML3xx and other pre-approved leadership electives (see catalog) wherever we offer courses
Time Limit7 years from the start of your first course at DTS
Satisfactory Progress10 hours per calendar year
International StudentsF-1 and J-1 Visa students are required to study in Dallas.

See the course schedule to better understand DTS course offerings.

Ministry Formation Internship Pre-requisites:

OptionsWhen to start?Course Pre-RequisitesNumber of Semesters
INT155 InternshipAfter completion of 30 hours

SF100-1 and EML305 for those who started the MACL before fall 2017


EML101 for those who started the MACL after fall 2017

EML801/EML802Ministry in ResidencyAfter completion of 30 hours

SF100-1 andEML305 for those who started the MACL before fall 2017


EML101 for those who started the MACL after fall 2017

2 (fall>spring)


2. What are my catalog requirements?

Your catalog requirements are determined by the year in which you first started taking classes at DTS or reclassified to the MACL. The MACL requirements vary in specific areas depending upon your catalog year. (MACL Changes PDF)

2013-14 Catalog (Fall 2013-Summer 2014)2014-16 Catalog (Fall 2014-Summer 2016)2016-17 Catalog (Starting Fall 2016)2017-18 Catalog (Starting Fall 2017-Summer 2019)2019 Catalog (Starting Fall 2019)
Spiritual FormationRequiredSpiritual Formation RequiredSpiritual Formation RequiredSpiritual Formation  RequiredSpiritual Formation Required 
EML335 Required for 2 hoursEML335 Not RequiredEML335 Not RequiredEML101 and EML330 RequiredEML101 and EML330 Required
RS101 + EML950 RequiredRS101 + EML950 RequiredRS101 + RS103 RequiredRS101 + RS103 RequiredRS101 + RS103 Required
6 Elective Hours in Leadership8 Elective Hours in Leadership9 Elective Hours in Leadership6 Elective Hours in Leadership 9 Elective Hours = 6 hours in Leadership + 3 hours from any Ministry Communications course (PM, WM, EML, BC, MW)

Use the appropriate resources to plan your degree:

The worksheets correspond to the year you began the MACL (or reclassified/changed into the MACL). Catalogs start with the fall semester and conclude with the following summer session. Your Academic Advisor can let you know the catalog under which you fall.

3. Which MACL degree option is right for me?

The MACL degree can be completed using one of two options:

Ministry Residency (EML801/802)*

Instead of completing a 3-credit, one-year internship and 6-9 hours of approved electives, the student completes an eight-month Ministry Residency, in which he or she earns 12 hours of credit. The program is specifically designed for those students involved in paid vocational ministry in a local church or parachurch organization for 30 hours or more per week. Students become eligible for the Ministry Residency program after starting the Spiritual Formation program, and upon completion the requirements noted above. For more information, please visit the Ministry Residency page. Applications are due in January for the upcoming academic year beginning in August.

*Enrollment is limited. Students should plan to complete Ministry Residency prior to their final year in the program. Students who complete EML802 in spring of their graduating year should plan for degree completion the following summer.

Elective Option

Students must complete the Internship Application for the 3-semester internship (INT155). The Ministry Residency (full-time ministry) requires students to submit applications in January for the following academic year.

Student completes a 3-credit, one-year internship in Christian Leadership (INT155), and 6-9 hours of approved MACL electives, depending upon the student’s catalog requirements. Electives must be pre-approved leadership electives. Any EML3xx level class applies. A complete and up-to-date list of pre-approved electives can be found in the latest catalog.

4. I’m a distance student. How do I meet my 21-hour or 22-hour face-to-face requirement?
21-22 credit hours of the MACL degree must be completed face-to-face. DTS provides several opportunities for students attempting to complete the MACL from a distance to earn face to face credit through hybrid, Remote Video (RV), or week long intensives. Each registration period (October for winter and spring; March for summer and fall) look for leadership electives and BE and /or ST courses offered at a DTS location. Do not rush through the BE and ST courses online. Instead, start taking face to face courses your first year.

5. What is the EML950 Applied Research Project (ARP)? (for those who began summer 2016 or before)

The Applied Research Project (ARP) is required for all MACL students entering before Fall 2016 (students entering after Fall 2016 must complete RS103). Using the ARP subject approval form as a guide, students develop a “problem-solution” research project under the guidance and supervision of a DTS faculty member and possibly an approved ministry practitioner. This is a two-semester process requiring careful planning and execution on the part of the student. Students should begin to confer with DTS faculty members early in their DTS coursework, and seek to register for the ARP no later than the semester prior to your final spring semester. The ARP project will be available during spring semesters only. For more information, please access the ARP subject approval form below.

5. Graduation Information:

  • Enter a planned graduation date through the DTS Student Home page (click on your picture in the upper right hand corner, then update biographical information). Keep this updated!  
  • Follow along with the Graduation page.

Answers to the above questions greatly depend on you. This page provides basic information. Academic Advisors are happy to come alongside you as you journey with the Lord. Schedule an advising appointment above.