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* Many MABC and MABEL are only offered in live formats, so the number of face-to-face hours will be higher in practice.

New Face to Face Requirements:

We are excited that you can earn face to face (old language: residential) credit in more locations!!

If you are in the ThM, STM, MABC, MACE, MACL, MACM, or MAWM, you can now earn face-to-face (old language “residential”) credit nearly anywhere DTS offers courses (see the charts below).

Courses previously completed will count, so some of you are closer to meeting the face to face (residential requirement) now than you were yesterday!

Though meeting the face to face (residential) requirement is now easier for many of you, completing degree requirements might still be a challenge. Review the charts below and the “What do I need to know as I plan toward completing _____ degree?” chart on your degree’s advising page to the left.
Your academic advisor is the person who advises where you intend to complete the majority of your face to face courses.

Counts as Face-to-Face

  • Traditional 14-week courses
  • Weekend courses and 1-trip hybrids (as long as it meets at least 49% in person with a professor (see chart below)
  • Look for these course sections on your degree audit or the course schedule page: GA, PGI, DC, NA, TA, HO, WL, AU, SA, HK, NZ, Dallas courses
  • EML801/802 Ministry Residency
  • MW Immersive Studies (MW2xx or MW905 Special Topics that correspond to immersive course)
  • Remote Video (RV), Live Streaming (LS), and video conferencing courses (VA, VG, VS)

Not Face-to-Face

  • Online (OL) – primarily pre-recorded video
  • RS102 (ThM), Thesis (ThM), RS103 (MACL, MACS, MBTS) Applied Research Project (MACL)
  • Internship, Apprenticeship
  • Course where less than 49% was completed face to face (examples: AR, WA-ST105WA for fall 2018) A note will appear under “info” on the Course Schedule.
  • Independent Studies

What does 49% face to face look like?

Face to FaceCredit Hours for CourseTime Face to Face with Professor
49%3-hours17 hours, 9 minutes
49%2-hours11 hours, 26 minutes
49%1-hour5 hours, 43 minutes