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Degree Overview and Plans

† The ThM requires 48 hours (i.e. 16 3-hour courses) of real-time courses and the MABC requires 30 hours (i.e.10 3-hour courses). ThM and MABC students may need more courses than the number listed above to meet the credit hours required for their degree.

* These degrees require advanced and specialized courses that may not be available by video conference and only offered on-campus. Students should plan to relocate near the Dallas campus (MABEL and MA) or near a DTS campus for the specific electives selected in the student’s major (STM).

** The STM hours reflects students demonstrating proficiency in Greek and Hebrew. Additional hours may be required.

Real-Time Requirements Chart

Real-time degree requirements (previously “face-to-face” or “residential credit”) for each degree are listed above. Courses that previously counted toward face-to-face or residency also meet real-time requirements. Directed learning courses are completed by students outside a real-time learning community and instruction from a professor.
Course TypesDefinitionCourse Sections
Real-Time Courses

Courses where professors and students physically meet in a location.

  • Semester long
  • Hybrids
  • Intensives (Winter or Summer)
  • Immersive Courses
  • Ministry Residency

Campuses: Dallas, Houston, DC

Extensions or Mobile Locations: AR, AU, EU, GA, GB, HK, IN, NA, NC, NP, SA, PGI/PI, PL, PX, WL

Immersive Studies: MW52**

Ministry Residency: EML5801 & EML5802

Video Conference (Online)Courses with weekly video conferencing sessions between professors and students.

RV or LS

(Previously: VC, VA, VG, etc.)

Directed Learning Courses
Traditional OnlineCourses mostly composed of pre-recorded online videos and forum interaction (may have limited video conferencing sessions)OL
Independent StudiesStudents work one-on-one with a faculty member remotely or on-campus.**5901
Special TopicsStudents participating in special conferences, training, or programs.**5905
Internship or ApprenticeshipStudents integrate their classroom training with ministry experience.INT5*** or MW5102
Spiritual Formation (Credit)Students meet with a mentor or fellow students focusing on identity, community, integrity, and fidelity.SF5201-5204 or SF5215, SF5220, SF5225, SF5230
Research CoursesStudents research and write on a topic relevant to their degree, academic interests, or ministry direction.EML5950, RS5101, RS5102, RS5103, or **5902 (Thesis)