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The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. MABEL students often ask these questions:

1. What do I need to know as I plan toward completing the MABEL?

Residency RequirementResidential LocationTime LimitSatisfactory Progress
0 hoursDallas Only7 years from start of first course at DTS10 hours per calendar year
2. When should I start taking classes at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL)?

As indicated in your DTS catalog, students should seek to complete certain courses prior to starting classes at DTS, and others after their DTS experience has concluded. Representatives from both GIAL and DTS created this one plan for MABEL students to avoid common pitfalls in taking courses at both places. Therefore, academic advisors only endorse the plan provided in your catalog. Pay special attention to planned course offerings for particular courses, such as WM540 Applied Biblical Contextualization (typically offered fall each year) and BE315 Bible Manners and Customs typically offered fall of even number years).

Students are required to report their GIAL course registration to the DTS Registrar’s Office each semester. Upon request, the GIAL Registrar will send enrollment verification to the DTS Registrar’s Office.

3. How do I complete my Spiritual Formation requirement?

Due to the specialized scheduling and ministry considerations of the MABEL program, students must complete a specialized, MABEL two-semester (fall>>spring) Spiritual Formation (SF245) program. Please contact the Spiritual Formation Office for more information.

This page provides basic information. Academic Advisors are happy to come alongside you as you journey with the Lord. Schedule an advising appointment above.