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The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. Students in the Master of Arts degree in NT, OT, or ST ask the following questions:

1. Where can I take courses to complete the Master of Arts (in NT, OT, or TS) degree?

The degree has no residential requirement; however, Advanced Standing (AS) and elective courses are offered on the Dallas Campus only. Therefore, students will need to relocate to Dallas to complete this degree.

2. What else must I know?

Residency RequirementLocationTime LimitSatisfactory Progress
0Many courses only offered during fall and spring semesters on the Dallas Campus7 years from start of first course at DTS10 hours per calendar year


3. How will I know when electives will be offered or when I will take comprehensive exams?
The department of your major can help you plan electives and your exams. Stay in contact with the department chair of your major.

4. I am considering changing (reclassifying) to this degree, is this degree a fit?

The Master of Arts degree is for students with a Bible college background who wish for specialized training at DTS on their way to a PhD from a university with a long-term goal of teaching and doing research in a university setting.