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The Advising Center wants to help you make informed decisions as you progress toward graduation. STM students often ask these questions:
1. What do I need to know as I plan toward completing the STM?
Face to face requirementat least 18 hours
Locationanywhere at least 49% of the course is face to face with the professor


(Work with Academic Advisor to decide which courses you will complete face to face.)

Only select majors can be completed outside of Dallas.

Academic Majors: EML215 and WM410 are typically offered in Dallas during the spring.

Time Limit6 years from start of first course at DTS
Satisfactory Progress6 required hours per calendar year
International StudentsF-1 and J-1 Visa students are required to study in Dallas.
See the course schedule to better understand DTS course offerings.

What track options are available?

Academic OptionsMinistry OptionsMajors Potentially Available Outside of Dallas

Bible Exposition (BE)

Old Testament (OT)

New Testament (NT)

Theological Studies (TS)

Biblical Counseling (BC)

Educational Ministries and Leadership (EML)

Media Arts & Worship (MW)

Pastoral Ministries (PM)

World Missions (WM)

Bible Exposition (BE)- OL, HO

Biblical Counseling (BC)-DC, HO

Educational Ministries and Leadership (EML)-DC, HO, PGI, GA

2. How do I remove the STM Advising Hold on my account?

First, decide on a major from the lists above.

Second, meet with the department chair of the chosen major. Be sure to take a copy of the appropriate form with you.

Third, submit the signed form to the Advising Center for review and approval. 

The plan is placed in the student’s file for review at the end of the program. If the student makes changes to the approved plan, then she/he must submit a new plan.

3. How do I qualify for advanced placement in Greek and/or Hebrew?

STM students are expected to demonstrate introductory proficiency in Greek and Hebrew prior to beginning their program at Dallas Seminary. Each academic department administers a proficiency assessment, which requires students to demonstrate competencies necessary to advance in a particular sequence of courses. Failure to pass the exams will require the student to enroll in first-year language courses. Prerequisite courses in Hebrew or Greek, if required, will not count toward the 32-hour requirement for the STM degree. The OT101-OT102 exams are not available online and must be proctored on-campus or through an approved proctor at the student’s location. Please contact Tina Karnes for more information about arranging this exam: 

Greek Proficiency Exam Request 

4. How do I select my major electives and thesis?

STM students should select their major elective courses in conversation with their major department. Professors in each academic department are best equipped to advise students regarding courses geared toward each student’s desired ministry context. Please contact the Administrative Coordinator for your major department to request a meeting with a professor.

Thesis subject selection should also take place in conversation with a student’s major department. Students should confer with their major department regarding thesis topic approval deadlines, and should select their thesis topic during their first semester at DTS.

5. Graduation Information:

  • Enter a planned graduation date through the DTS Student Home page (click on your picture in the upper right hand corner, then update biographical information). Keep this updated!
  • Follow along with the Graduation page.

This page provides basic information. Academic Advisors are happy to come alongside you as you journey with the Lord. Schedule an advising appointment above.