Welcome! We’re so glad that you’ll be a part of the DTS family. The Advising Center exists to help students make theologically informed decisions; about courses and degrees, in light of current realities and future ministry possibilities. To the left, we’ve compiled a collection of resources you’ll need in order to be successful throughout your time at DTS. Start with these resources and the DTS Student Home page, then reach out to us as you have additional questions.

What must I know and account for as I work toward my program/degree completion?

Begin by reviewing the requirements for your degree (see your specific degree page to the left under “Degree Advising” and refer to your catalog).

  • What is the time limit for your program/degree?
  • How many hours do you need to complete (on average) to satisfactorily complete your program/degree?
  • How many hours do you need to complete face to face?
  • Do you need to complete courses in Dallas, DC, or Houston?
  • Will completing the face to face requirement be easy or difficult for you?
  • Might finishing your degree be more difficult than meeting the face to face requirement?
  • What courses might be difficult to complete from a distance?
  • If your degree requires Spiritual Formation, then know how you will meet this requirement.
  • If your degree requires a Ministry Formation Internship, know it’s pre-requites.
  • How much will seminary cost?

Now that you are aware of the bigger picture, focus on your first semester.

  • How many hours will you take your first semester? Our Time Management Calculator will help you determine what you can wisely add to your busy schedule. Eligibility for financial assistance will also dictate how many hours you can take.
  • What courses are listed as first semester courses in the catalog?
    • Everyone should start with BE101 and ST101.
    • If RS101 is required for you, then add that course.
    • SF100-1 only begins in the fall semester, so plan to take this your first fall semester.
    • ThM students should start NT101 their first fall semester.
  • Look for these courses in face to face formats (if you need it) on the course schedule. If your degree requires face to face hours start working on these as soon as possible. Do not rush through BE and ST courses online and save face to face hours for the end of your degree.
  • Register for your first semester.

Familiarize yourself with our Important Dates and other DTS resources.

Get to know our external locations and especially the one where you will complete the majority of your face to face courses.