DTS Advising hosts or collaborates with others departments on topics related to student success and degree completion. Below are a list of upcoming events and previous events.

Upcoming Events

February 2023

Student Life on an Online Campus with Dr. Jason Wiesepape (Director of Online Student Engagement) and Dr. Herman Baxter (Dean of Students)

  • Wednesday, February 15 from 7-8pm (Central)
  • Thursday, February 16 from 12-1pm (Central)

March 2023

The Financial Aid Toolbox with Dr. Jason Wiesepape (Director of Online Student Engagement), Jennifer McCormack (Director of Financial Aid), and Dr. John Dyer (VP of Enrollment and Educational Technology).

  • Wednesday, March 22 from 7-8pm (Central)
  • Thursday, March 23 from 12-1pm (Central)

April 2023

Wait! What? When? I Need an Internship with Dr. Jason Wiesepape (Director of Online Student Engagement) and Dr. Dipa Hart (Director of Ministry Formation and Internships)

  • Wednesday, April 19 from 7-8pm (Central)
  • Thursday, April 20 from 12-1pm (Central)

Past Webinars and Events

Counseling Licensure Webinar with Dr. Michelle Woody. 

Dr. Woody shares about the key issues and nuances of seeking licensure for MABC/MAC students in the degree and upon graduation.

Maintaining Your Spiritual Health with Dr. Tim Robinson

Dr. Robinson shares about the importance and challenges of fostering intimacy with Christ during seminary.

To PhD or Not to PhD?! with Dr. John Adair (Theological Studies) and Dr. Dorian Coover-Cox (Old Testament)

Dr.’s Adair and Coover-Cox share about key areas to consider before applying for doctoral programs. Their insights are drawn from their own doctoral journey’s and working with students as a faculty member.