To have a successful educational experience either on campus or online, students will need to have access to technology and basic technological skill.

Support and Help

The Media Center can help you personally via phone or video conference

Getting Started

Canvas Overview


Video Conferencing Overviews



Video Conference Guidelines

If you join a video livestream, we ask you to be fully engaged which means:

  1. Letting your professor know beforehand you will be watching the video livestream
  2. Sitting in front of your computer at a desk (just like being in a classroom)
  3. Having your video camera on throughout the class (your professor will understand if you need to excuse yourself for a short time)
  4. Having your microphone muted unless you are speaking 

Additional Guides

Technology You Need

To have a successful educational experience either on campus or online, students need access to particular technology and working technological skill.

Technology Hardware

  • Desktop Computer – a tablet may be sufficient for some tasks, but every student needs access to a reasonably up-to-date desktop or laptop computer.
  • Web Camera and Microphone – for online and distance courses, students need a machine capable of running web conferencing software.
  • Internet Connection – for online courses, students need a reliable internet connection with at least 1.5 Mbps download speed.

Software and Skills

  • Word processor – for writing papers, DTS students need access to a program such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs.
  • Chrome Web Browser – students may use a variety of web browsers, but we have found Google Chrome to be the most reliable.
  • Technology Skills – all students will write research papers at some point in their degree program. Those taking online courses also need to use video recording, engage in discussion groups, and learn other technological skills.

DTS Technology Overview


OneLogin is a single-sign on (SSO) system that gives you access to several DTS websites and tools including Canvas ( and Library ( If you have problems accessing your account, please contact the Help Desk at 214-887-5230. When you log in to these sites, they will pass through OneLogin, or you can access OneLogin directly at

Campus Wifi

Students on the Dallas campus and Houston campuses should join the network “dts.stu”.

Instructions for Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android.

Please visit the Wifi password page for additional details.

Logos Bible Software

Every DTS student receives a modified version of the Logos Silver package along with several key resources that will benefit students in their study.

Media Center

The DTS Media Center located in Turpin Library on the Dallas campus provides technology training on campus and online.

Turabian and Writing Templates

The DTS library maintains excellent resources for writing and research including Turabian templates for Microsoft Word.


Students are required to have an active email address updated every semester on CampusNet. Students may request an @dallasseminary email address by contacting (Please note: email addresses with are reserved for staff and faculty)