Once you have been admitted to DTS, you may go ahead and submit an application for campus housing. We won’t be able to send you an official offer until your admissions process is complete (including your proof of funding and steps required by the International Student Office).

Your lease will not automatically renew. You will need to let us know of your plans each term/year by the lease renewal deadline outlined in your lease. The lease renewal deadline will differ depending on your lease-end date. If we have not heard from you by the lease renewal deadline, we can assume you aren’t planning to stay and we can offer your apartment, so make sure you communicate with us.

Residents who will need a July end-date will need to fill out an application a year in advance. The application is necessary in order to determine whether or not a July lease-end date will be extended to you. Be advised that part of this application requires a meeting with a DTS Academic Advisor.

After all applications have been submitted, the committee will meet to discuss how many of the requests can be accommodated. 

Your lease end-date (May 31) remains the same whether or not you have summer internships or other course requirements to complete. We highly recommend planning in advance for the end of your seminary career so that you can select a lease-end date appropriate for your academic needs. We can only accommodate a few July end dates per year, so even if you apply for a July end-date to your lease, we still may not be able to accommodate the request. We recommend working closely with your advisor as you plan the completion of your degree, and we recommend you consider the implications that may have on your housing. 

Tenants who will be working toward their counseling licesnure may apply for the “Non-Student Lease Renewal,” but please keep in mind that  approval of renewal is based on space (which changes each year), and that any non-student wishing to renew their lease must re-apply for renewal each year. 

Campus Housing’s priority will always be to serve our current and active students.

The lease renewal deadline is March 11, 2023. Anyone wishing to renew their current lease will need to notify housing by completing the Active Student Lease Renewal application.

Students graduating in May or Summer of 2022 must apply for the option to remain in campus housing via the Non-Student Lease Renewal Application.

Tenants whose lease ends May 31 who wish to remain in their apartment after the expiration of their term must submit an email request for an emergency holdover to schapell@dts.edu or housing@dts.edu no later than March 31. Emergency holdovers are not guaranteed. It is important to note that taking summer courses are not considered an emergency. 

If a holdover is granted, it will not extend beyond July 31.


The Security Deposit, less any charges, will be refunded according to the Tenant’s selection on the Security Deposit Reimbursement form provided by the Leasing Coordinator upon receipt of the Notice to Vacate within 30 days of the date the apartment is vacated or all charges are paid (if breaking the lease).


Are pets allowed? Only fish in small tanks, no larger than 10 gallons are permitted. No dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, amphibians, or arachnids may stay as pets in an apartment or anywhere on the property, even temporarily. ESA’s (emotional support animals) and Service Animals are allowed in campus housing, but owners must submit proper paperwork to the Campus Housing Office.

The City of Dallas requires all Service Animals and ESA’s be microchipped and maintain up-to-date vaccinations for rabies. All required paperwork (See this link and view the requirements at the bottom of the DTS Disability Services page) must be submitted to the Main Housing Office. This paperwork must be updated annually.