Lease Renewals for 2023-2024 School Year

Active Student Renewals

If you wish to renew your lease for the coming lease term, please complete the Lease Renewal Application.

All single residents must complete their own renewal application.

If you would like to stay in Campus Housing, but you are hoping to transfer units, please complete the separate Transfer Request Form (See Transfer section below) in addition to the Lease Renewal Application.

Once we recieve renewal applications from all necessary applicants in your unit and verify your student and financial status, we will begin sending new leases through Appfolio for you and your roommates to sign.

If you AND your roommates complete the Lease Renewal Application during the Early Bird Special window, you will qualify for the EARLY BIRD SIGNING BONUS of $100 to be applied to your unit’s June ’23 rent. (Those seeking a transfer request or non-student renewal do not qualify for the Early Bird Special.)

Applications open: January 30, 2023

Early Bird Deadline: February 11, 2023

Applications are Due: March 11, 2023

Non-Student Renewals

If you are in one of the following categories, you will need to complete the renewal application linked below. These must be completed ANNUALLY by all individuals in the following categories:

  • Spring ’23 or Summer ’23 Graduate
  • Current Alumni
  • DTS Staff/Faculty
  • Family of DTS Staff

Please remember, submitting an application is not a guarantee that your lease will be renewed. Offers are subject to space available and are dependent on the number of incoming students each year. Current and active students will remain the priority of Campus Housing.

Applications open: December 16, 2022

Applications are Due: February 1, 2023

Offers begin: March 6, 2023

Things to Keep in Mind...

If you neglect to notify housing of your intent to remain in your apartment by March 11, your apartment may be offered to a prospetive new tenant. 

Keep in mind that if your current lease expires May 31, 2023, you must vacate the apartment on or before that date (pending move date availability). If you are intending to move-out, please see the tab on the left hand side of the screen entitled “On-Campus Moves” for more information and requirements for scheduling your move-out and putting in your official notice.

Looking for a New Roommate or to Transfer?

If you currently share an apartment with someone who is planning to move out, please consult the “Transfers” tab in the left hand menu. You will need to find a new roommate to live with before we can renew your lease (which might involve scheduling a move to a different unit).

July 31, 2024 Lease End-Date Application

All August leases for the 2023-2024 academic year will end May 31, 2024 unless an application for a July 31 end-date is received and granted. You only need to fill out a July end-date application if you are planning to graduate or move off campus in the summer of 2024.

All applicants for July lease end-dates must also meet with their academic advisor prior to completing their application. Please download the form below and upload it along with your application. To schedule a meeting with your advisor, visit

Applications open: December 16, 2023

Applications are Due: February 1, 2023

Decision Emails: March 1, 2023


If you discover during the next lease term that you need to stay beyond the lease end-date of May 31, 2024 due to emergency, please seek an exception from the Manager of Housing by emailing Exception requests are not guaranteed, but will be considered on an individual basis.