DTS provides an emergency preparedness app which provides detailed instructions on how to respond to an emergency (fire, tornado, bomb threat, etc.) on any of our campuses.

Instructions for Dallas Campus

Access the app store on your smartphone and search for SchoolDude CrisisManager.

Open the application by tapping on the CrisisManager application and select “Continue without logging in”

Tap on + Client Plans and find find Dallas Theological Seminary in the list of institutions, and tap on it.

Tap on DTS Dallas and enter the password for the Dallas campus (3909bible)

Tap Use Password to Download.

The plan will then download and appear on your CrisisManager home page.

Tap on the plan to view it.

Instructions for Houston and Washington DC

You will follow the same instructions above but you will use a different password for your campus. (Houston:7100bible; Washington DC:10002bible) For further information please contact Adrianna Barber (abarber@dts.edu) in Houston and/or Josh Bleeker (jbleeker@dts.edu) in Washington DC.

Want a Paper Copy?

For those who want a paper copy, please notify dlittlejohn@dts.edu

Note: This app does not take the place of the DTS Text and Email Alert System (www.dts.edu/account/alerts). The text alert system will send out texts and/or emails to those who have enrolled of potential emergency situations on our Dallas and extension campuses. The CrisisManager app provides instructions for what to do in an emergency. These two systems work together to provide the safest possible learning environment for our students, faculty, and staff. Please use both.