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Mosher Library Basement


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Monday – Thursday 8:00 am – 7:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday 12:00 noon – 5:30 pm

Located under the periodicals section of Mosher Library, the media center provides computers, printers, media equipment rental, an audio/video studio, a fax machine, a die cutter, a laminator, a scanner, and much more. The DTS Media Center staff are available to assist you with any technology and software programs needed for class assignments.

Equipment Rental

The Media Center provides a variety of rental equipment for class and personal projects. Items may be rented by current DTS students, staff, and faculty.

The rental period is for two days at a time with items due back at noon on the return date. Since the Media Center is not open on Sundays, Friday rentals are due back on Monday. Reservations are recommended. Some of the most popular items are reserved months in advance. Most items range in price from $5.00 to $20.00 for the two-day rental period.

If an item is rented for two consecutive rental periods, the third period is free. This means that an item checked out on Friday could be returned the following Friday at noon for the cost of two rental periods. Just be sure to note this on the reservation calendar so that no late fees are assessed. Plan to spend at least 15 minutes checking items out since there will be paper work to complete.

Reservations can be made by calling the help desk at (214) 887-5285, emailing, or stopping in at the Media Center.

Lenovo ThinkPad W541
[Insert Computer Specs]
Cost: $20
SKU: Laptop PC 1
Dell Studio XPS
2.13 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor. 4gb of RAM. Windows 10.
Cost: $10
SKU: Laptop PC 2
MacBook Pro (2019)
16 inch, 2019 MacBook Pro. 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 Processor. 16gb of RAM. Intel graphics.
Cost: $20
SKU: Laptop Mac 1-2
MacBook Pro (YEAR?)
Cost: $15
SKU: Laptop Mac 3-4
iPad Air
64gb iPad Air 
Cost: $5 
SKU: iPad 3
iPad Pro & Apple Pencil
64gb iPad Pro 3rd Gen
Cost: $10
SKU: iPad Pro
Surface Pro
2.30 GHz Intel Core i7 Processor. 8gb of RAM. Windows 10.
Cost: $10
SKU: Surface Pro 3
Light Kit 4
Includes 3 LED lights that are battery operated.
Cost: $15
SKU: Light Kit 4 
Light Kit Soft Box
This light kit soft box contains the Diva-Lite 400. 
Cost: $10
SKU: Light Kit Soft Box
Light Kit Strobes
Cost: $10 SKU:
Light Kit Strobes
Neewer CN-160 LED Video Light
This video light can be mounted onto any platforms & comes with a yellow filter. It can work as office table lamp, industrial lamp, etc. 
Cost: $5 SKU:
Light Camera Mount (LED) 1-2
Comes with silver/gold (regular size) and white/silver (52″)
Cost: $5 SKU:
Reflector 1-3
Epson PowerLite 1980WU HD Projector
High definition projector with full HD 1080p support. Provides a bright, high-quality image in any sized room.
Cost: $20
SKU: Projector HD 6
Da-Lite Screen
70″x 52″ screen. 78″ with stand when collapsed.
Cost: $1
SKU: Screen 1-6
Draper HD Screen
45″ x 80″ screen. 90″ with stand when collapsed.
Cost: $1
SKU: Screen HD 7-8
Duet Ultra Portable Projector Screen 
This screen is 80″ diagonally. It can be set up in standard or widescreen format. This is our most portable screen for fitting into small cars. When folded, it is 43″ long. 
Cost: $5
SKU: Screen HD 1–3
Pico Projector
The Pico projector is very small for portability and is primarily useful in a small, dark room.
Cost: $5
SKU: Projector Micro 5

Expandable work surface (from 13 to 22 inches). Great for laptop computers and portable projectors.
Cost: $1
SKU: Portable Telescoping Stand 
Screen Outdoor Camp Chef OS-144
This is a canvas screen that can be displayed outdoors and connected to a frame (assembly required). The screen itself is 12 feet diagonally.
Cost: $5
SKU: Screen Outdoor 9 
Elgato Analog USB Video Capture Device
Capture analog video to your Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone. Has RCA and S-Video inputs, with USB output to connect to your device.
Cost: $5
SKU: Elgato Analog USB Video Capture Device
Fluid Head Tripod
Large, sturdy tripod suitable for use with our video and still cameras. Provides smooth panning and tilting, which can be especially useful while recording video.
This item is also included free of charge when renting either our Canon 5D or JVC cameras. 
Cost: $5
SKU: Fluid Head Tripod 1-10
Gorilla Pod
These small, portable tripods easily fit into a backpack or camera bag. We have 2 versions: one smaller (perfect for smaller cameras such as GoPros) and one bigger (able to support a full-size DSLR camera). Their flexible legs can be bent in any direction to sit on uneven surfaces.
Cost: $1
SKU: Gorilla Pod
Our Sony MDR7506 professional stereo headphones provide excellent audio quality for recording, editing, or live sound situations.
This item is also included free of charge when renting our JVC video cameras.
Cost: $5
SKU: Headphones
Laptop Remote
The Media Center has 3 laptop remotes. These clickers can help you with powerpoint presentations, etc.
Cost: $1
SKU: Laptop Remote 1-3
Music Stand
Standard black metal music stand, suitable for holding and displaying sheet music while performing or rehearsing. 
Cost: $1
SKU: Music Stand
QuickPod can extend up to 18″ and can help you take pictures or videos of yourself. You do not need to ask strangers to help you take pictures of yourself anymore. 
Cost: $1
SKU: QuickPod
Sandbags are useful to put extra weight to stabilize unstable equipment such as lighting equipment, etc.
Cost: $1
SKU: Sandbag 1-6
USB External Hard Drives (750GB and 1TB)
The media center has 4 external hard drives. Some can be used with Macs or Windows only. Please specify your operating system when renting the item out.
Cost: $5
SKU: USB Hard Drive 1-4
Standard pan and tilt tripods suitable for supporting small to medium-sized video and still cameras.
(We recommend using our fluid head tripods for larger video cameras). 
Cost: $1
SKU: Tripod
Amazon Basics USB DVD Burner
Can burn either CDs or DVDs and is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
Cost: $5
SKU: USB CD or DVD Burner
Canon 5D Audio Adaptor
Allows you to connect any type of microphone to our Canon 5D DSLR cameras. Has two XLR inputs (left and right), with stereo 3.5mm output to camera. Both inputs have 12 or 48V phantom power, along with adjustable volume and gain controls.
Cost: $5
SKU: Canon 5D Audio Adaptor
Canon 5D Mark iv
Our highest quality DLSR camera will allow you to capture stunning images, whether shooting weddings, portraits, landscapes, or anything in between. It also records up to 4K video. Included with the rental is an EF24-105mm f/4L IS II lens and an optional fluid head tripod. Data is stored on a SD and CF card.
Cost: $30
SKU: Canon 5D 5
Canon 5D Mark iii
This professional, full-frame DSLR camera is perfect for photography in any setting. It also records up to 1080p HD video. Included with the rental is an EF24-105mm f/4L lens and an optional fluid head tripod. Data is stored on a SD and CF card.
Cost: $20 
SKU: Canon 5D 1-4
Canon 5D Shoulder Rig
Shoulder mount for our Canon 5D cameras. Allows you to easily capture smooth video while walking around your scene or subject.
Cost: $5
SKU: Canon 5D Shoulder Rig
Canon 5D Viewfinder
The Z-finder is for use on DSLRs to facilitate using the monitor as an EVF (Electronic View Finder).
Cost: $5 
SKU: Canon 5D Viewfinder
Canon Flash Speedlite 600EX-RT
External flash unit that mounts to the top of a DSLR camera. 
Cost: $5
SKU: Canon Flash 1-2
Canon Flash Kit #3
Kit consists of two Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT flash units, along with a wireless transmitter. Allows you to use two flashes simultaneously at different positions in your room.
Cost: $10
SKU: Canon Flash Kit 3
Kodak Playsport Waterproof HD Camera
Rugged action camera that can be used up to 10 feet underwater. Shoots up to 1080p HD video.
Cost: $5
SKU: Kodak HD Cam 1-12
Canon Vixia
Small, handheld video camera, capturing up to 1080p HD. Equipped with 32GB internal flash drive, along with two additional SD card slots.
Cost: $10
SKU: VIXIA HF M41 3-6 
Features video resolutions up to 1080p HD, 5MP photos up to 3 frames per second, an ultra wide angle lens and built-in Wi-Fi. Waterproof to 131’/40m.
Cost: $5
SKU: GoPro 1
GoPro Accessories
A whole range of accessories for our GoPro cameras. Allows you to mount a GoPro onto your chest, wrist, helmet, bicycle, dashboard, or any flat surface. Also includes a range of clip mounts, a float to prevent sinking in water, and a USB wall charger.
Cost: $5
SKU: GoPro Accessories
 JVC comes equipped with Night Mode, Image Stabilizing, High Definition (1080p) and connects via HDMI, USB, Composite, Component. Video format: MPEG‑2.
Cost: $15
SKU: JVC GY-HM100U 1-4 ProHD
Green Screen
Backdrop used for shooting when you wish to digitally add backgrounds behind your subject.
Cost: $5
SKU: Green Screen
DJ Tech iBoost 202
280 watts. iPad dock. USB input. Microphone input. Five channels.
Cost: $5
SKU: Portable Sound System 3
Fender Passport P250

This is a portable sound system that you can bring to outdoor parties,etc.
Cost: $10
SKU: Portable Sound System 1
Klassic Boom Poles
Cost: $5
SKU: Mic Shotgun Boom Pole
Shure Centraverse Mic
For desktop-installed sound reinforcement applications requiring discreet placement.
Cost: $1
SKU: Mic Omni
Sony ICD-UX80
This is a digital voice recorder. It uses an external microphone to record audio. This can be used to record your own voice for sermons and such. It has a 2GB space.
Cost: $5
                               SKU: Digital Voice Recorder 1-3
Tascam Audio Recorder
This is a portable digital recorder that offers high-end recording features to musicians and engineers who demand more from their portable recorder.
Cost: $5
SKU: Audio CF Recorder/Audio SD Recorder 3-4
Tascam PocketStudio DP-004

This is an Audio Mixer that takes in 2 inputs. This is perfect for concerts, rehearsals and songwriting inspirations.
Cost: $5
                               SKU: Audio Mixer 3-4
Zoom H4N Audio Recorder
This is a portable digital recorder that offers high-end recording features to musicians and engineers who demand more from their portable recorder.
Cost: $10
                               SKU: Audio SD Recorder 5-6
Audio-Technica AT835b Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone
This mic shotgun is ideal for outdoor audio recording.
Cost: $5
SKU: Mic Shotgun 1-3
AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone
The new AT2020 USB microphone offers studio-quality articulation and intelligibility. It plugs right into your computer’s USB port, and functions seamlessly with your favorite recording software.
                               Cost: $5
                               SKU: MIC USB AT2020
Blue Microphone’s Snowball
This is a high quality USB microphone compatible with both Mac and Windows. Perfect for podcasting, recording audio, class lectures, etc.
Cost: $5
                               SKU: Mic USB Snowball 1-3
Sennheiser EW100 G2
This is a wireless mic set. It includes a clip-on microphone, transmitter and receiver. This is great for video production.
Cost: $10
SKU: Mic Wireless Sennheiser Lapel 4-8
Shure microflex condenser 150
A lapel mic that is a cost effective choice for recording a lecture or speech.
Cost: $5
SKU: Mic Wired Lapel 1-4
Shure SM58
A handheld microphone which can be used for studio recording or live events. An good all around choice for a microphone.
Cost: $5
SKU: Mic Shure XLR 1-4
Shure SM81-LC Condenser

This is a high quality instrument mic. Perfect for studio recording, broadcasting, and etc.
Cost: $5
SKU: Mic Shure XLR Condenser
Cost: $5
SKU: Mic Wired Lapel 5-8