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You must be here to announce an event or opportunity to the DTS Student Body. Please note that before you begin, you must have a fully approved ESR from Event Services. Your request, placed through this page, will be processed for review and approval. Please note that adjustments may be made to maintain some basic design specifications and DTS standards. Once your slide has been fully processed, you will receive an email of confirmation with a clarification of when your slide will begin to be on display across campus. Your request will be reviewed in a timely manner but please allow up to one week for confirmation. Any questions you have can be sent to pnichols@dts.edu. 


Please note that your slides may be shown on the following platforms:

               – Chapel Slides and Announcements

               – Campus Video Monitors in the Student Center, Enrollment, & Housing Offices

               – At the DTS Calendar 

               – On Student Life social media (see the icons below):


New form is under construction. Please email pnichols@dts.edu directly with your PowerPoint request.