Communicating to students is an evolving challenge. New media and communication outlets continue to develop and gain traction while familiar media lose their connectivity with students and become obsolete. Student Life has created this page to help facilitate getting your event and information in front of students. Below are the details for the four primary outlets presently in use.

Remember: if you are advertising an event, you must have an approved ESR from Event Services before beginning to publicize the event.

Chapel Slides

Chapel slides normally run starting two weeks prior to the event. (For a longer run-time, email the Chaplain’s Office.)  Because of the high public profile of chapel, chapel slides undergo a stringent review process. To complete the review process in a timely manner, chapel slides need to be submitted using the form below 2 weeks before you want the slide to run in chapel.

Chapel slides are also posted at

Video Monitor

In HOPE Coffee, there is a video display where graphic announcements are displayed on an automated rotation updated weekly.

Student Life Social Media

Student Life pushes graphic content through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These pushes are scheduled two weeks in advance.

DTS Calendar

The DTS Calendar at is the feed for individual student group and departmental pages. When you complete the form below, you will see a link asking for additional information for adding your event to calendar. Once you submit that information, the event is reviewed and approved by Student Life before going public on the calendar.

Design Specifications for Slides

Slide Formatting

  • PowerPoint Slide
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Landscape orientation

Text Formatting

  • No more the 7 lines of text
  • 20pt or larger text
  • Generic (common) fonts

Image Formatting

  • High quality
  • High Definition resolution
  • Not copyrighted

Submit Your Event & Slide