Looking to Swap Units or Move In with a Different Current Tenant?

As you make plans for the next lease term, you may decide you would like to live with someone else in the building. We love when our residents make new friends and find a better fit for their living situation. Typically, when two people from separate units would like to live together, we would move one of you into the other person’s unit. In this situation, we do not complete a make-ready process unless our inspection team deems it absolutely necessary given extremely poor conditions in the apartment. We will, however, arrange for cleaning before you move in.

For these types of moves (with no make-ready), we do not charge a fee. However, moving to a new unit usually must take place in late May or the first week of June so that we have time to get your current unit ready for a brand new tenant.

If you have already found someone else within the building you would like to move in with, please fill out the request below. We will do our best to honor your request, and the Leasing Coordinator will be in contact with you to schedule your move date and time if your request is granted.

Transfer Request Deadline: March 31, 2022

Transfer offers will begin going out April 4, 202

Is Your Roommate Leaving or Moving in With Someone Else?

Maybe your roommate has found someone else within the building they would like to live with. Maybe they are graduating or have decided to move out of on-campus housing. That’s great, but what do you do now? 

You have a couple of options. 

  1. You can find someone within the building who you know is also looking for a roommate for the next lease term.
  2. You can get on Roomsync and see if you match with an incoming student.

It is often easier to move in with someone who already lives in the building. But we are aware that you may not know everyone who currently lives here, or you may not know who all is looking for a new roommate. So our office has created a spreadsheet for current residents to post that they are looking for someone else within the building to live with. 

DTS cannot publicly display your residential information. Therefore, you must add your own name and contact information to the spreadsheet if you would like to utilize this resource. We suggest removing your name from the list once you secure a new roommate. You can view this spreadsheet using the button below.

The Lease Renewal and Transfer Request Deadline is March 31, 2022.

To join Roomsync and find incoming residents OR to better assess who you might match well with, click the button below.