Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Academic Training

F-1 Students

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is a structured educational program which combines classroom learning with productive work experience in a field related to a student’s academic program. CPT is available to F-1 students who are in programs that require an internship, apprenticeship, or practicum. F-1 students who apply for internships, and are eligible for CPT authorization, are providing implicit consent for ISSO to update their SEVIS record with the CPT employment. 

J-1 Students

Academic Training is work authorization for J-1 students. The government considers your internship Academic Training whether it is paid or unpaid. 

The government only permits a total of 18 months of Academic Training for J-1 students. The semester prior to beginning your internship, please contact Dr. Hillman. 


April 24 

August 7 

December  8





CPT Information

DTS only authorizes CPT for international students who are in programs that require an internship, apprenticeship, or practicum. This authorization is given only for the duration of the internship program. If you are an MABC practicum student will need to apply for CPT prior to each semester they are enrolled in their practicum course. Please keep in mind that DTS will not extend and I-20 for a student to complete their internship. Therefore, please be sure to enroll in your internship and apply for CPT with enough time to complete your internship requirements. 

You must be lawfully enrolled full-time as an F-1 student for at least 1 academic year (2 consecutive semesters) immediately prior to the semester CPT begins. 

Currently enrolled in an internship course or practicum course. 

Be in good academic standing with DTS. 

Not have completed the requirements for your degree. 

Meet the DTS internship or practicum requirements. 

Continue to maintain status for the duration of CPT

CPT authorization is required for F-1 students whether the internship is paid or unpaid. If a student is engaging in unpaid activities that could be considered “employment” under labor laws are considered “employed.” If an unpaid internship is not authorized as CPT or OPT, F-1 students are risking their immigration status. The result of unauthorized employment is termination. 

Please contact the international office if you are considering an internship. In addition, some forms of volunteer service can be considered employment under US Labor Laws. If you have questions about your service at a church or organization, please contact the International Office at 

  • Internship courses while on CPT are considered part of an F-1 Student’s face-to-face course requirement. 
  • Engaging in CPT requires students to remain enrolled full-time at the school for the entire duration of their internship. 

Government regulations require F-1 students to maintain their visa status for the entire duration of authorized CPT. This means that a student must be enrolled in a full course of study during their internship. 

Most internships at DTS last for one calendar year. However, a student is only enrolled in their internship for one semester. Therefore, F-1 students must be enrolled in 9 credit hours each semester of their internship, but their internship can only count toward their full time enrollment the first semester of their internship.

Applying for CPT

Most DTS programs require students to do an internship. The length of the internship and the requirements for the internship are different for each program. Please be sure to check with your academic adviser to ensure that you meet the requirements for the internship. 

Internship Process

1. Meet all degree requirements to begin internship. 

2. Select an Internship Site. For more information on selecting a site please visit the Ministry Formation web page. 

3. Complete the Internship Application

4. After the Ministry Formation has approved your internship, submit a hard copy of your application to the International Office. 

5. Receive CPT approve and pick up your new I-20. 

6. Register for your Internship. 

Please see the chart below to determine the duration of your internship. 

 Program Duration 
ThM3 semesters (1 calendar year)
MACL3 semesters (1 calendar year)
MACE2 consecutive semesters
MACM2 consecutive semesters

MABC students are required to take four practicum courses at DTS. During Practicum 2 (BC310), Practicum 3 (BC315), and Practicum 4 (BC320), international students must participate in CPT. Students must begin applying for CPT once they are enrolled in their Practicum 2, Practicum 3, and Practicum 4 course. They must have their CPT approved and a new I-20 in order to begin seeing clients.

CPT will only be issued for one semester, the duration of the practicum course. CPT must be reapplied for prior to beginning each semester.

To apply for CPT, register for your necessary course and then find a practicum site. Once they has been completed, fill out the form below.

Students in the MAMW are required to do an apprenticeship in order to complete their degree. This apprenticeship is 2 semesters long. To learn more about the requirements for the internship, please contact Dr. Basslin at 

Once your apprenticeship is set up, you will need to fill out the application below. You cannot begin your apprenticeship until your CPT has been approved.