Student Life Staff

George M. Hillman Vice President of Student Life, Dean of Students and Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership
Joe M. Allen, Jr. Campus Pastor
Kelly Cheatham Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling, Director of Counseling Services
Terrance Woodson Adjunct Professor of World Missions and Intercultural Studies, Advisor to African American Students
Lynn Etta Manning Advisor for Women Students
Carolyn Hannah Advisor for Seminary Wives in Ministy

Dallas Theological Seminary cares deeply about our students. Training you for future ministry involves ministering to you as well. From pastoral counseling and encouragement to professional counseling for more serious concerns, DTS can help. The Department of Student Life offers advising and counseling to students and spouses for personal matters. The staff and faculty below are available to meet with you. To set up an appointment, please contact the Student Life Office (214-887-5360,

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Prayer Requests and Opportunities

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Professional Counseling

The Director of Counseling Services provides initial counseling and assessment at no cost to members of the Seminary family. When ongoing counseling is required beyond the introductory level, referrals are made to find the best care available within a network of mental health professionals.

Counseling Assessments

The Director of Counseling Services administers a psychological assessment to each entering student in conjunction with New Student Orientation. The purpose of the assessment is to assess whether the student has entered the Seminary with personal struggles that, if not addressed, could be detrimental to his or her future ministries. Based on the results of the assessment, the student may receive additional services such as additional testing, reading assignments, and counseling sessions.

Marriage Strong and Sexual Wholeness Support Groups

Dr. Gary Barnes (Professor of Biblical Counseling) oversees four types of student led support groups on the Dallas campus.

  1. Marriage and Ministry – “Marriage Strong
  2. Single Sexuality – “Dance of the Sexes
  3. Marital Sexuality – “Covenant Lovers
  4. Male Sexual Integrity – “Heroes and Warriors

For more information, contact Dr. Gary Barnes