BSF is a student-led organization recognized by DTS primarily for the benefit of African American students.


BSF supports black students. . .

  • By promoting an environment that values, encourages and affirms the unique and multi-faceted aspects of our heritage.
  • By coordinating events that provide opportunities for African American students to meet and cultivate supportive relationships with fellow students of similar heritage.

Annual Chapels

In support of DTS’s commitment to be culturally responsive to diversity in education, BSF coordinates two chapels each year.

  • In January, BSF coordinates chapel to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the significance of the civil rights movement in a seminary context.
  • In February, the Black History Chapel celebrates the African-American contribution to the Christian, national, and global communities.


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Terry Woodson


Dale Ross

Vice President

Chrysta Cox-Watanabe


Christine O’Neill


Tyana Spellman

Event Coordinator

Dustin Burson

Social Media/Publicity