The Chinese Student Fellowship exists to create a Christ-centered Chinese community at DTS, to foster fellowship among students, faculty and staff, and to promote interactions and learning through cross-cultural activities.

The mission of the DTS Chinese Student Fellowship is to:

  1. Foster fellowship among Chinese students, other students, faculty and staff;
  2. Promote cross-cultural interactions and learning with Chinese students as well as students of other cultures;
  3. Welcome new Chinese students and celebrate graduating students in the English and Chinese programs;
  4. Promote unity among all Chinese students in the English and Chinese programs;
  5. Coordinate and promote Chinese student-led activities;
  6. Encourage the seminary to continue to develop a vision for Chinese students and the Chinese program;
  7. Foster connection between students and local Chinese churches; and
  8. Foster, maintain and support relationships between alumni and the school as well as current students

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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Samuel Chia


Luke Cheng

Vice President / Event Coordinator

Tim Zhang


Luke Yuan

Web Master

Joy Cao