MSF is dedicated to helping male students become better men. We get pastors and missionaries (current and future) interested and involved in ministry to men. Through events put on by our organization and encouraging participation in local men’s ministry events, MSF exposes male students to active men’s ministry. By raising awareness about critical issues that affect men today, MSF helps future ministers see the necessity of ministry by men with men to men for men.

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Regular Meetings

We meet the first Monday of the month during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Informal Meetings

Off campus hangouts and get-togethers are held throughout the year with the purpose of letting members kick back with other men and take a break from the daily grind of DTS student life.

Area Men's Ministries

We coordinate visits to various area men’s ministries to allow men to meet other guys involved in ministries off-campus, providing real world experience and examples for future ministry as well as real, practical ministry opportunities with men while students.

Lunch Events

Open to all, MSF Lunch Events focus on raising awareness of issues facing men that are applicable to all forms of ministry. We invite speakers from various local ministries to speak from their experience on ways to make ministry, not just ministry to men, successful.

Special Events

Each semester, we host a number of special events for the men in the group to get together and do something fun and interesting just as men.


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Paul Pettit

President &
Social Media Coordinator

Seth Williamson

Vice President

Joshua Bitu Das


Byrom Clay Fewell