From the Student Council President

Welcome to the many DTS campuses where students gather to study the word of God and prepare for ministry. Welcome to the online community where the cohort is farther away while sharing the journey of study and growth. For many students, DTS is the culmination of a long journey, and many hours of prayer. For others, arrival at DTS is an unexpected surprise. However you arrived, the journey ahead will challenge, exhaust, prepare, and (eventually) encourage you. You are part of a unique seminary and a uniquely equipped student body.

The Student Council vision for the 2019–2020 school year is Living Voices. We want to invite the Word of God to be present through students’ voices. In our studies we open books and swipe devices, but Scripture was not meant to reside only on paper, papyrus, parchment, or iPad. God’s Word is meant to abide in the people of God, written on our hearts and then lived out. So the student council team is inviting those bearing the words of God to join us from the center, the corners, and the margins to speak and become the living voices of the Word of God. 

We believe in a DTS community shaped by Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit. We cherish a DTS student community that is Christ-centered, diverse, passionate, and present. So we are inviting the voices of DTS students to the table and we want to see you. Student Council will create space for students to contribute through focus groups that bring students into direct contact with faculty and staff. There will be regular Student Council hours so that students can approach us directly with concerns or thoughts. We also have a special focus on supporting the many student groups that encourage and engage various perspectives. We will also host community wide events on the Dallas campus to encourage fellowship and fun. 

There will be many formal hours of classes and chapels, but equally important will be the hours of discipleship with faculty, conversations at Hope Coffee, and lifelong friendships. We invite you to join us in engaging God’s living word with all of God’s people this academic year.

In Christ,

Tricia Stephens, DTS Student Council President (2019–2020)

2019–2020 Officers


Tricia Stephens

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Hayley Brady 

Vice President for Student Life

Ben Parker

Vice President for Business and Finance

Ramon Tavarez

Vice President for Advancement

Ruth Singsit

Vice President for Operations

Travis Long

Spiritual Life Board President

Christian Williams