Student Group Renewal (Due 4/30/2019)

Each student group is required to renew their student group each year. In order to renew your student group you will need to fill out the student group renewal form. Here is the Student Group Renewal Form. In order to complete the form you will need the following information:

  • A President
  • A Vice president
  • A communications/social media chair
  • A faculty advisor
  • We also highly recommend a treasurer**

Please keep in mind that Dr. Calenburg is many of the faculty advisor for many groups. He is moving to Liberia, therefore he will not be able to fill this role next year. If this is your situation, be sure to find a new advisor. Please check with your current faculty advisor and be sure they are willing to continue in this role.

If you do not get the renewal form in by this deadline, you may not have a student group next year. This form guarantees that you will be up and running next year and that you will receive funds from student council to have events. Do not forget to complete this form!!!

**If you do not have a leader board, please let student life know, so that we can work with you.

Student Group Webpage (Due 6/1/2019)

Each student group has a webpage on the website. This page has information on your group for current and future students to view. This also gives your organization credibility and gets future students excited about participating in your organization. These pages can have as little or as much information as you would like. We must update these pages each year to include the new information.

  1. We need your incoming president or social media chair to contact Karl Hanschen ( to get this updated. At the very least, we need your the names of your leadership team members to put on the website. We highly encourage you to put more than just this information up on the website!
    1. Depending on what you want done on the webpage and when you want it done, it may take Karl some time to finish this. Therefore, get this information to him as soon as possible. WAITING UNTIL THE DEADLINE WILL NOT WORK! Please plan ahead.
    2. Karl will make updates at a first come first serve basis. This is also not his only responsibility. Please be respectful and give him plenty of time to get these changes done and be patient with him as he creates amazing webpages for each of you! He’s a great web designer!
  2. If your new leaders want professional headshots for the website, this can be done. If you want this, it would be wise to get them done before the end of the school year.
    • Don Reiger will take these headshots for you. Please let the student life team know that you want this done, and we can connect you to him. Don works part time, so let the team know well in advance of the June 1st deadline. Don will need to take the pictures, edit them, and then get them to student life.
  3. If you do not have a leader board lined up AND you have spoken with student life, your deadline for the website is August 19th. If you have a leader board, it is still June 1st* Please be aware that this is exactly 1 week before orientation and Karl is very busy during orientation week. In order to get this done on time, you will need to begin talking with him no later than the first week of August.

Transfering Documents

We know that each of you has done a lot of wonderful things with your student organizations this year. We want to set the future leaders up for success next year. If you have any documents from this year, please share them with your future leader.

Share these documents with your future leaders by creating a google drive and make them the admin on it! This will help give them ideas for how things are done and set them up for success.

If you did not save any documents, create the google drive anyway, and encourage your predecessor to compile documents there.

Social Media & Event Advertising

The way that we advertise for events in changing. We do not have space to put up flyers and many students do not read them anyway. We are going to begin to use Social media and the student group webpages to advertise events. This means that you are all required to have a social media chair on the leader board of your student group.

  1. Name a communications chair and put their name on your groups renewal form.
  2. Give this person access to your social media.
    • If you do not have access to the social media, either
      1. Get access from the person who does OR
      2. If you cannot get access, see if the current person can take the page or group down
  3. Ensure that you have a group and not a page! This will get you better traction on your posts and will help the marketing team at DTS ensure that your posts are being shared with the right people.
  4. The DTS Social Media will not be able to share your events across their pages if you do not set up your social media correctly.

REMEMBER, we are no longer posting flyers around campus. Instead, we will have chapel slides running on TVs across campus. This means that you will be advertising your events using the chapel slides.

  1. Slides are updated in chapel every week on Monday and they will run until the event has been completed.
  2. If you want your chapel slide up, you need to get it to Stephanie Reynolds ( 2 weeks prior to when you want it running. That means that if you want it up 2 weeks before your event, you need to get it to her at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
    1. You can find the chapel slide requirements at this website *You will need to be logged in to One Login to access this information.
    2. You submit your slides at this page only after you are logged in to One Login
  3. Your event can be announced during the chapel announcements. If you want this to happen, you must make a request with the chaplains office. They will not be able to announce every event, so if you have a really special event please request that Pastor Joe make a verbal announcement about it.
  4. Dr. Hillman wants to advertise your events for you. In order for this to happen there are a few requirements.
    1. You must have an approved ESR. This includes ESRs for off campus events!
    2. If it is being shared on social media, you must have connected your social media to the DTS Student Life page. Your social media chair can work with Dr. Hillman and Raquel to set this up.
    3. You need to submit chapel slides well in advance. If you get your chapel slides in prior to the 1st day of the month that the event is occurring, Dr. Hillman can send them in 1 batch email. If they are not in by this date, they will not be included in the email.

We want to help you get the word out! Help us, help you!!


ESR stands for Event Service Request. This is a form that must be filled out for all events. If you have been a student leader, you know about these forms. If you are a new one, you will learn about them next year as you plan events.

  1. Remember that ESRs must be submitted early. They need at least 1 week if you are having food at the event. The sooner you get them in the better! Do not wait!
  2. Even if your event is off campus, you still need an ESR! This is very important because:
    1. It can protect you (and the school) from liability.
    2. It can help us help you know what to bring and purchase insurance if necessary.
    3. It allows your event to be advertised by the school. (We cannot advertise events that do not have an approved ESR.)

Gift Cards

NEVER, EVER, EVER, FOR ANY REASON, GIVE A GIFT CARD TO ANYONE! This is a huge change, but this is very important. If you give someone a gift card, they will be substantially taxed on the amount of the gift card. The Business Office has made it clear that we are no longer to give out gift cards. This protects the people you are trying to bless form paying a hefty tax. I know this is inconvenient, so we are working to help you with that.

If you want to give a gift, here are some options:

  1. Purchase the person an item. You can give gifts because they do not have a monetary value associated with them.
  2. Get an Honorarium Check created. The business office can issue a check to the person.
    1. You need to get the check request no less than 2 weeks prior to the date that you need it.
    2. To get this check issued, come see Karl Hanschen in the Student Life department.
  3. We are working with Hope Coffee to get “gift certificates”
    1. This will allow the person to purchase 1 free coffee. Because there is not specific amount attributed to the certificate, it is not taxable.
    2. We will have more information about this in the fall.
  4. We are also in talks with the book store to offer this there as well. This is not a guarantee for next year. Again, more information in the fall.