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Biblical Languages

ThM students take five semesters of Greek and four semesters of Hebrew. Other students may take language courses but should consult with their assigned academic advisor to determine if it will count toward their degree requirements as an approved elective.

Free tutoring is available for Greek and Hebrew. Please contact the Old Testament (Hebrew) or New Testament (Greek) departments for tutor availability.



Bible Exposition

The library team created a 50-minute video explaining how to format a synthetic chart for biblical books using Excel

Creating a Synthetic Bible Chart Using Excel

Bible Exposition Classes

2 Videos

Doctrinal Synthesis


Students receive various reading assignments in each course. The following chart is an example of the approximate time for different types of reading.

Types of ReadingAmount of TimeExample
Reading, Light (biography, light application)1 min / page200 pages = 3.5 hours
Reading, Heavy (dense theology, commentary)4 min / page300 pages = 20 hours

Each semester, Dr. Greg Hatteberg (Director of Alumni and adjunct BE professor) provides a course on-campus and one in Canvas on Speed Reading. Students may register at any point during the fall or spring terms. Below is the information for Spring 2023 and instructions on how to enroll:

Time Management Calculator

Please use the tool provided below to plan out a typical week during a normal semester of seminary. Our hope is that this tool will help you wisely account for all of the most important things in life so that you can keep first things first!

Activity Hours per Week
Spiritual Disciplines    Pursuing Christ (private and public).
Physical Fitness    Steward God's temple for His glory.
Work    Required for DTS scholarships.
Church/Ministry    To serve others and to be served.
Internship    For DTS: 7-10 hours per week.
Recreation    Take delight in God’s creation!
Commuting    To class, work, church, etc.
Sleep    8 hours per night= 56 hours.
Meals    Even a taco-run takes time.
Family Time    Call your mother. Date your husband.
Personal Prep    Preparing for the day or next activity.
Chores/Errands/Paying Bills    Vital for life to keep moving forward.
Miscellaneous    Social media, Netflix, etc.
Credit Hours

(This will help you determine how many hours will be spent in lecture and homework.)

Lecture Hours

(Lecture hours are approximately equal to credit hours.)

Homework    For every hour in lecture each week, plan to spend 2-3 hours in outside work.
6hrs. 3.57%
Free Time
162hrs. 96.43%
Try to maintain a slight buffer (10-20 hours) just in case of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances.