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Jewish Studies

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Mission Statement

The purpose of DTS Jewish Studies is to engage the DTS community and beyond, with discussions and events related to the beloved Jewish people, to encourage and motivate participants toward active ministry in Jewish contexts.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that those believers who encounter DTS Jewish Studies would be overcome with steadfast love for the Jewish people that manifests itself in: compassionate evangelism of the Jewish people; humbly acknowledging the Jewish heritage of the Gospel and Jewish election; reconciliation between Jews and Gentiles; dismantling of antisemitism; and service to the Jewish people everywhere.

Our Jewish Friends Student Group

Our Jewish Friends Student Group plans events for in-person and online students to come together for fellowship and learning. The student groups hosts Jewish holiday celebrations, a weekly Torah reading group, and other special events. If you would like to receive emails about Our Jewish Friends Student Group Events as well as Jewish Studies Brown Bag Events, please subscribe here.

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