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Student Groups and Student Council

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Student Council

The DTS Student Council is elected by students each spring. The Student Council members interact with their counterparts in the seminary’s staff and faculty and integrate all phases of the extracurricular life of the student body.


Student Council exists to lead, serve, and represent the student body. We accomplish this by being a liaison to both students and administration. We aim to help improve the overall experience of seminary, therefore let us know how we can best serve you. Connect with us on Social Media for updates on events or send us an email if you have a concern.

Student Groups

Start or Renew a Group

DTS hosts several student groups that provide fellowship and resources for different student interests within the seminary. Leaders from these student groups participate in the Student Council as well.

Student Groups

Student Missions Fellowship

International Student Fellowship

Men's Student Fellowship

The Couch Biblical Counseling Fellowship

Chinese Student Fellowship

Black Student Fellowship

Arise Women Student Fellowship