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DTS Section Codes

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Below are the majority of our section codes for DTS locations and languages. Please check the Student Portal for the latest schedule.


DAL-A = Dallas campus, section A
DAL-B = Dallas campus, section B
DAL-C = Dallas campus, section C
DAL-HON = Dallas campus, Honors
DAL-NI = Dallas campus, Night
DAL-W = Dallas campus, Weekends


OL = Online (recorded asynchronous)
OL-LIVE = Online (weekly synchronous sessions)


CHN-OL = Chinese Online
CHN-OL-L = Chinese Online Live (weekly synchronous)
CHN-DA = Chinese Dallas


ESP-OL = Spanish Online
ESP-OL-L = Spanish Online Live (weekly synchronous)
ESP-DA = Spanish Dallas
ESP-BAR = Barcelona, Spain


-V = remote video access into classroom (DAL-B-V means video access into DAL-B)
-L or -LIVE = weekly synchronous sessions (prof teaching from office)
-W = For Spiritual Formation, this is a women’s section
-M = For Spiritual Formation, this is a men’s section
-C = For Spiritual Formation, this is a married couples section
-EXT = For Internships, this is section for students at extension sites


ATL-NP = Atlanta, GA – North Point Church
ATL-PI = Atlanta, GA – Passion Institute
ATX-HCBC = Austin, TX – Hill Country Bible
ATX-WELL = Austin, TX – The Well Church
CHG-HARV = Chicago, IL – Harvest Bible Chapel
COL-BEE = Colorado Springs, CO – BEE World
CSTX-GBC = College Station, TX – Grace Bible Church
DC = Burke, VA – Burke Community Church
FW-CCBC = Fort Worth, TX – Christ Chapel Bible Church
HOU = Houston, TX – College of Biblical Studies
INDY-CBS = Indianapolis, IN – College of Biblical Studies
NASH-FBC = Nashville, TN – Fellowship Bible Church
NIRE = Belfast, Northern Ireland
PHX-ACU = Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Christian University
PHX-SBC = Phoenix, AZ – Scottsdale Bible Church
ROG-FBC = Rogers, AR – Fellowship Bible Church
SATX-WAY = San Antonio, TX – Wayside Chapel