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Academic Advisors are here to help you!

To schedule a one-on-one appointment where an advisor will help you create a customized plan, please select your campus below and find the Academic Advisor who works with your degree plan. You can schedule an appoint or email them if an appointment button is not provided. If you plan to take courses at multiple locations, select the advisor where you plan to take most of your in person courses.

International students will meet with the International Student Advisor regardless of location.

Academic Advising Team

Dallas, Online, Mobile, and Extension Students (Advising by Degree)

As you plan to meet with an academic advisor, make sure you:

  1. Review your degree specific advising page before making an appointment.
  2. Plan ahead. Appointments can fill up quickly, especially around registration.
  3. Then, if you have a general and quick question email: or call: 214-887-5080.
  4. If you have multiple questions, want a degree audit, or want to know if you are on track to graduate, please send an email to Advising. 
Jennifer RothAcademic Advisor MABC, MACE, MACL, MACM, MAMW 214-887-5080 Schedule Appointment
Ruth SingsitAdvising Administrative Coordinator (214) 887-5080
Luke SpencerDirector of Academic Advising ThM, STM, Academic MA, MABEL 214-887-5080 Schedule Appointment

International Students

Carisa AshDirector of International Student Services; Director of Services for Students with Disabilities; Adjunct Professor in Educational Ministries and Leadership 214-887-5368 Schedule Appointment

DC Campus

Joshua J. BleekerDirector of Special Projects DTS–DC and Assistant Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership ThM, MACE, MACL, MACM, MACS, MBTS, CGS 703-770-2976
Uyen DangCampus Advisor 571-358-8599
Chong-Ae ShahAssistant Director of DTS-DC Ministry Formation Internships 703-770-8645
Michelle WoodyAssistant Professor of Biblical Counseling, DTS-DC MABC 703-770-8644
Amy ZacaroliLead Campus Advisor, DTS-DC ThM, MACE, MACL, MACM, MACS, MBTS, CGS 703-770-8671

Houston Campus

Stephen CurtoAcademic Advisor, DTS–Houston; Library Assistant; Facilities Support ThM, MABC, MACE, MACL, MACM, MACS, MBTS, CGS (713) 917-3909 Schedule Appointment

Passion Global Institute (PGI)

Jake GrossDirector, Passion Global Institute Extension Site MACL, MACS, MBTS 334-329-0212
Brittney EvansOperations Coordinator, Passion Global Institute Extension Site MACL, MACS, MBTS 678-203-1883