Coursework Due Dates for Graduates

Graduating students will submit coursework approximately two-weeks before the end of the term (or earlier as required by the professor). Students should notify professors they are graduating, which may mean quizzes or exams in Canvas will need to be available for graduates.

Spring 2023 Graduates Coursework Due: Friday, April 28

Summer 2023 Graduates (Participating in Commencement) Coursework Due: Friday, April 28

Summer 2023 Graduates (NOT Participating in Commencement) Coursework Due: Follow due dates in syllabus or Canvas

Commencement Ceremony and Activities 2023 Information

Commencement Chapel: Friday, May 12th

Commencement Ceremony: Saturday, May 13th

This page contains all the details graduates need to know about Commencement festivities and other important graduation-related information.

This page contains an overview of the major Commencement festivities: the Chapel, Texas BBQ with Faculty, and Ceremony. This information is designed primarily for family, friends, and the general public.

Graduation Process and Deadlines

Students apply to graduate in the semester he/she is graduating. Students will be notified by email when they are eligible to apply for graduation. Summer graduates are only eligible to participate in the May commencement ceremony preceding their summer graduation date. (ex. Summer 2023 graduates are eligible to participate May 2023 Commencement). DTS only holds Commencement ceremonies at the end of the spring term.

Due Dates for Graduation Application in Portal:

  • Fall 2022: October 1, 2022
  • Spring/Summer 2023: February 22, 2023

Students can locate the Graduation Application in the Student Portal by:

  • Clicking on “My Profile” (left-side menu)
  • Selecting Document Center

If the application is not completed by the due date, then the student’s graduation date will be moved to a later semester.

Students must submit two reference forms. Students must send the links to their references:
  1. A Church Letter – Indicating the student has been in attendance/participation in a local church during the student’s time at DTS.
  2. A Personal Reference – This is a pastor or someone with spiritual oversight in the student’s life.

If students use a generic email for their church (info@ or contact@), be sure to follow-up with the staff member who oversees this inbox. Questions about the status of reference letters should contact Student Life:

Due Dates for References and Supporting Materials:

  • Fall 2022: November 1, 2022
  • Spring/Summer 2023: March 1, 2023