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Requesting a Student ID

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You must be a current student to submit this request. If you are requesting an ID for a Spouse, please submit a separate request. One of the very first things you want to do is get us a photo for your DTS student ID card. Please read carefully the specific requirements for the photo you will upload. Student ID’s are on hold for the Spring 2024 semester as we work on processing and rebranding student ID’s with the new DTS logo. Please continue to fill out the form if you would like an I.D. Once we are processing student I.D.’s again, we will notify all students who have already registered. We apologize for the delay.  


Criteria for Photos
  • Must be in front of a solid white, beige, or gray background (nothing in the background).
  • Must be a clear color photo (passport quality)
  • Must be a current photo (taken the last six months to reflect your current appearance)
  • Must be a full front view of the head and shoulders only, with your face filling the majority of the frame
  • Must be directly facing the camera (no side or profile photos)
  • Must have eyes opened and looking at the camera
  • Must not have any other person or objects in the photo
  • Must not be wearing hat or sunglasses
  • Must not have a visible logo or writing on one’s shirt (no t-shirts with graphics)
Acceptable Photos
Unacceptable Photos

ID Card Order Form

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