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Office 365 Account Setup

To setup your Microsoft 365 account for the first time, so you can access your FirstNameLastName@DallasSeminary.edu email address and apps like Microsoft Word, follow these instructions.

Create your Password
  1. Go to office.com and click [Sign In].
    (If you have another Microsoft 365 account, make sure to logout first).
  2. Enter your ‘@dallasseminary.edu’ address: FirstNameLastName@dallasseminary.edu (example: John Goodman would have the email johngoodman@dallasseminary.edu).Click [Next]
  3. Click Forgot my password link.
  4. Enter your FirstNameLastName@dallasseminary.edu email again and the security letter, and then click [Next]
  5. Click the [Email] button.
  6. Microsoft will send a verification code to your personal email (e.g., yourname@gmail.com). Go to your email to find the code and then enter it and press [Next]
  7. Choose a new password and reenter it, then click [Finish].
  8. Follow the click here link.
  9. Sign in with your new password.


Setup Authentication

When you sign in to your @dallasseminary.edu Microsoft account, there will be an addition verification after your password, using either

  1. Phone call – Microsoft will all your phone to give you a code
  2. Authenticator app – You can confirm your login by clicking a button in an app.
Phone Authentication
  1. Select Authentication phone from the dropdown, select your country or region, enter your phone number (e.g., 555-867-5309), then click [Next].

  2. Microsoft will call your phone. Follow the instructions provided during the call to verify your phone number. Check the “Don’t ask again for 14 days”

App Authentication
  1. Select Mobile app from the dropdown list. Select “Receive notifications for verification” and click [Set up].

  2. Follow the instructions on the next step.
    Download the Microsoft Authenticator app (Android, iPhone/iOS)
    Open the all and select “Work or School Account”
    Scan the QR code on screen
    Click [Next]

  3. Click [Done]

Login One More Time

The final step is to login one more time and verify your information.

  1. Click [Next], then [Re-enter my password]
  2. Enter your password and click [Sign in]

  3. Verify your Authentication Phone and verify your Authentication Email (e.g., yourname@gmail.com).
    Click [finish]

  4. You did it! This is the Office.com home screen.

  5. From here, you can use Office apps online, or [Install Office] on your computer, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, and Teams.