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Start or Renew a Group

The administration and faculty strongly believe in the contribution and vital role of student groups as they provide co-curricular opportunities for our students with kindred interests to explore those interests within a group setting. Student groups provide a platform for students to nurture those mutual interests through a collaboration of ideas, as well as enhance the greater seminary community’s awareness of those ideas and passions. Students are encouraged to seek the advice of the faculty and Student Council as they seek to determine whether or not the creation of a new student group would be in the best interest of our seminary community.

Interested in forming a new group or renewing a pre-existing group? Please see the guidelines and form below:


Student organizations must be approved through the Student-Faculty Committee, which will recommend acceptance or rejection to the dean of students. A proposed organization must file a constitution or statement of purpose and the name of a faculty sponsor, with facts revealing student interest in the new group to the dean of students. Current student groups wishing to renew their organization must also file the same documents including any appropriate changes to the group. Submission of proposals for new groups as well as renewal submissions for continuing students groups are to be submitted yearly, prior to April 15th, in order to be considered for activity and funding in the subsequent fall semester. The form provided below is available to assist with the proposal and renewal process. Unofficial student organizations that gather for the purpose of occasional, informal meetings may do so, but they will not be eligible to receive funds through the Student Council. These unofficial student organizations are still required to file with the committee a statement of purpose and the name of a faculty sponsor (see form below). The faculty sponsor of that organization must approve speakers sponsored by all student organizations

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