Chapel Staff

Joe M. Allen, Jr.

DTS Campus Pastor

Stephanie Reynolds

Assistant to the Campus Pastor

Patrick Thomas

Director of Chapel Music and Worship

General Contact Information

Place: 2nd Floor, Stearns Hall
           Dallas Campus

Phone: 214-887-5363


Houston Chapel Staff

Stanley Newton

Director of Community Relations & Formation Ministry, DTS-Houston

Tom Lee

Weekend Warrior, DTS-Houston

DTS-Houston Contact Information

Phone: 713-917-3931

Purpose of Chapel

The administration and faculty strongly believe in the great contribution and vital role of chapel and its ministry of encouragement, worship, and community development. Prayer needs, campus announcements, and items of general interest are all shared during this community time of rest, relief, and renewal.

Chapel Times & Locations


During the fall and spring semesters, chapel is held from 10:40 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday in Lamb Auditorium on the first floor of the Campbell Academic Center. During the summer sessions, chapel is held every Wednesday from 10:10 to 10:30 a.m. in the Lamb Auditorium. 


DTS-Houston hosts a dozen live chapels each fall and spring semester. Chapel times are typically 7:15 to 7:45 p.m. on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Washington, DC

DTS-DC normally offers two live chapel services on Washington, DC campus per semester. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be no live chapels on the DC campus during the fall semester of 2020

Dallas Chapel Registration

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there will be limited seating in Lamb Auditorium. All attendees must pre-register for the chapel sessions they wish to attend. By registering for chapel, you are agreeing to abide by the DTS mask and social distancing policies, which include wearing a mask for the duration of the chapel event. While there will not be assigned seats, you will be asked to check in with an attendant at the door. Registration will open on Mondays for chapel the following week, and will close when the seating limit has been reached (or shortly before the event). If you wish to come, and are unsure if we have room, please come by Lamb and you are welcome to join us if we have space. For those who are unable or uncomfortable attending chapel in person, all chapels this fall will be lived-streamed at

Chapel Requirements

Chapel requirements are temporarily waived due to Covid-19

All studentsall campuses, extension sites, and onlinewho are enrolled in a masters degree or certificate program are required to attend chapel during the fall and spring semesters. (For a list of exempt degrees and programs, see below.) There are no chapel requirements during the summer or winter terms. The fall and spring chapel requirement for each student is calculated based on credit hours according to the table below. 

Credit Hours

Chapels Required per Semester


Students enrolled only in Spiritual Formation, an internship, or a thesis are expected to meet the minimum requirement of 8 chapels per semester.

How to Fulfill Your Chapel Requirement - WAIVED for Fall 2020

For Dallas Campus students, attendance in person is expected at Chapel. Chapel is integral to the educational experience at DTS and physical attendance at chapel should be prioritized in the same way as it is for classes. Students whose schedules do not permit them to be on campus during chapel may make up their chapel requirement online.

Chapels are posted online at and are available on iTunes. In order to count toward a student’s chapel requirement, chapels viewed online must be from the current semester.

For Houston and Washington, DC students, the chapel requirement may be completed with any combination of live and online chapels. Students are highly encouraged to attend on-campus chapels for worship and for fellowship with faculty, alumni speakers, and one-another.

Online chapels are posted at and are available on iTunes. In order to count toward a student’s chapel requirement, online chapels viewed must be from the current semester. Houston specific chapels are posted here for your convenience.

For Online, Distance, and Extension students (including Passion Global Institute students), the entirety of the chapel requirement may be met online.

Chapels are posted online at and are available on iTunes. In order to count toward a student’s chapel requirement, chapels viewed online must be from the current semester.

There are no chapel requirements for students enrolled in the following:

  • MABEL, DMin, PhD degree programs,
  • Non-degree programs,
  • the Chinese Studies program, or
  • DTS en Español programs

World Evangelization Conference

In addition to the regular chapel requirement for the spring term, attendance is required for the World Evangelization Conference (WEC) in March. All Dallas campus students must attend two WEC plenary sessions, but are strongly encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. Houston, DC, online, distance and extension students are required to view two WEC plenary sessions online. All students can come to the Dallas campus to attend the conference in person, and there is no charge for the conference.

Online WEC sessions are available at

WEC attendance/viewing is reported with the regular chapel report at the end of the spring semester.

Chapel Reporting

Chapel reporting is waived for Fall semester 2020 due to Covid-19.

Students are responsible to keep track of their own chapel attendance. At the end of the fall and spring semesters, students report that they have met at least half of the semester’s required chapels. Chapel attendance is reported on Canvas under the current semester. Students must report on time, or they will not receive any credit for the chapels they have attended.