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Resident Qualifications

Changes to Resident Qualifications for 2024-25 Applications will be posted by March 15, 2024.

2023-2024 Qualifications for Living in Campus Housing

DTS Campus Housing is intended primarily for active, degree-seeking DTS students in a scholarship-eligible program and their immediate families. However, exceptions are sometimes given to other DTS-affiliated groups, listed below, or by rare exception and upper management approval.

Every applicant must qualify for Campus Housing, unless you are a family member applying to live with a qualified applicant. Qualifying for Campus Housing does not guarantee apartment availability nor the extension of an offer.

If at any point a current resident no longer qualifies for Campus Housing, they may face eviction and may not qualify for Campus Housing in the future.

Please carefully review the below listed qualifications prior to applying. 

Priority Applicants for Campus Housing

Those who fall into the below categories are priority applicants for Campus Housing:

  1. Actively enrolled students in any DTS scholarship-eligible master’s program (this includes the DTS MABEL/MABT program) who have not reached their program time-limit nor graduated from their degree program, whichever comes first. 
  2. Actively enrolled international students in any DTS doctoral program who have not reached their program time-limit nor graduated from their degree program, whichever comes first.
  3. DTS students on a voluntary Leave of Absence who are on an LOA officially approved by DTS not exceeding 12 months. 

All Other Applicants for Campus Housing

Those who fall into the below categories may also apply for Campus Housing:

  1. Actively enrolled Master’s level DTS students who have been granted an extension to their degree time-limit (Academic Advisor approval required).
  2. Faculty or staff of DTS. 
  3. Actively enrolled domestic doctoral students working to complete program requirements or reach program time-limit, whichever comes first.
  4. Actively enrolled DTS students not in a scholarship-eligible degree program at DTS (including, but not limited to, MBTS and Certificate Programs). 
  5. DTS Counseling graduates completing post-graduate work for licensure. 
  6. DTS Alumni conducting long-term research that requires frequent access to the DTS Dallas Campus. 

Other Qualifications

Recently Admitted DTS Students

Campus Housing allows recently admitted students who are not yet enrolled in classes to receive offers for Campus Housing. However, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they immediately enroll in classes at the earliest available registration date, or risk disqualification from Campus Housing. It is not acceptable for a new resident who has yet to make academic progress at DTS to delay enrollment and stay in Campus Housing, unless they go on an official Leave of Absence.

Continuing Qualifications

Please pay special attention to your graduation date or other factors that may impact your qualification for Campus Housing. You must select a lease end-date that corresponds with your qualifications. If you no longer qualify for Campus Housing at any point during your lease term, this is a violation of your lease and you may be disqualified from renewal and/or evicted.

Other Qualifying Factors for Current Residents

All applicants with a prior history of living with Campus Housing will be subject to the above qualifications and will also be evaluated based on a number of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Resident Conduct (including Care of Property)
  • History of Lease Violations (such as Rent Delinquency)
  • Community Involvement and Contributions
  • Length of Tenure with Campus Housing (8 year maximum)
  • Extenuating Circumstance

Current residents must not have an outstanding balance in order to qualify for Campus Housing.