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Applying for Campus Housing

Welcome to DTS Campus Housing! Whether you are a newly accepted student or a current student interested in moving to our Dallas campus, we are so excited that you are thinking about joining our community in-person here at Dallas Theological Seminary.

Starting the Application Process

Please carefully review the Resident Qualifications to ensure that you qualify for Campus Housing. If you have yet to receive an acceptance letter from DTS, please wait to apply until you have been accepted and plan to immediately enroll for classes. If you’re qualified, please submit the Campus Housing Application, Part 1!

Please note that offers are not guaranteed at any step in the process and are contingent upon a few factors:

Apartment Availability

Apartment availability changes from day to day. Offers for the Summer and Fall typically go out to applicants starting in March, and offers for the Winter and Spring typically go out in October. An apartment is not guaranteed, but applying as early as possible for a move-in date in June or January may help increase your chances at an apartment. You may also want to explore back-up options in addition to applying to Campus Housing.

Priority Status & Continuing Qualifications

Please carefully review the Campus Housing Resident Qualifications. Some students qualify for a higher priority status and will have a greater chance at receiving an offer for Campus Housing. Others may be disqualified from receiving an apartment offer if they are discovered to no longer qualify at any point.

International Visa Status

Please contact the International Student Development Office and be communicative with Campus Housing regarding your visa status. You must receive an approved visa in order to qualify for an offer with Campus Housing.

Roommate Match

If you need a roommate, please visit the Roommates page and begin the roommate match process. You will not be qualified to receive an apartment offer until you have identified and officially matched with all the roommate(s) with whom you plan to live.

Next Steps

Joining the DTS Campus Housing Waitlist

Once you’ve submitted the Campus Housing Application, Part 1, please sit tight! Your application is under review. You will receive an email in your DTS email inbox if you are approved to join the Campus Housing Waitlist.

The Campus Housing Application, Part 2

Once you have been approved to join the waitlist, you must fill out the Campus Housing Application, Part 2 as the next step in your application process. You will not be able to move forward until this application is complete and submitted, but please do not fill out this form until you have been approved to join the waitlist.

Finished with the Campus Housing Application, Part 2?

You’re almost there! If you’ve finished this step of the application process, you are almost ready to receive an apartment offer. If an apartment becomes available for you, you will receive an email from DTS Campus Housing. Please keep an eye on your DTS email inbox!

In the meantime, please note that a security deposit equal to your first month’s rent will be due within three days of signing your lease, and we require the first month’s rent to be paid prior to moving in and receiving your keys. Please plan for these two payments accordingly.

Received an Offer?

Congratulations! We’d love to have you join us in Campus Housing. Please read your offer letter carefully and follow all the instructions regarding next steps. Please note each deadline and communicate with our staff if you have any questions or concerns, as your apartment is not secured until you have signed a lease, paid the security deposit, and we have executed your lease.

Signed a lease, and looking for more information about Resident Life? Log-in to StudentHub with your DTS sign-in and new sections of our website will open up for you! Moving In has some helpful information for you as you prepare for your upcoming move. Welcome to Campus Housing!