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WEC Frequently Asked Questions

What is WEC?

The World Evangelization Conference (WEC) is a week-long conference aimed at providing students of Dallas Theological Seminary the opportunity to see what God is doing near and far and how they can participate in His global mission. Simply put, WEC is all about bringing God’s Word to God’s world. We hope that all students become more committed to supporting God’s global mission in addition to gaining practical skills, tools and experiences for living missionally near and far.

WEC consists of times of prayer, plenary sessions with a speaker and worship through music, hands-on workshops, times to interact with representatives of local and global missions organizations, Q&A lunches with our guest speaker, and so much more. Check out this year’s schedule for specifics.

What are the attendance Requirements for students?

During WEC week, all classes are cancelled so that students can attend the entire conference. Students are encouraged to attend all of WEC. However, they are only required to attend the plenary sessions. Students located in Dallas are expected to attend events in person unless extenuating circumstances prevent them from doing so. WEC is separate from the chapel requirement. This means that students need to complete their full requirement for chapel, in addition to attending all WEC plenary sessions, at a minimum. 

What do I gain by participating?

WEC is an excellent opportunity for all students to cast a vision of their role in God’s work all around the world. This is a wonderful time where all our students – future pastors, educators, and other Christian leaders – can see how important God’s mission is and what their role is in that both now and in the future. WEC doesn’t stop there but then gives numerous opportunities for students to take action, by giving opportunities for hands-on learning, training, and connections for future growth. We encourage all students to come and find out for themselves just how beneficial WEC can be in their ministries and personal growth with the Lord.

Can my family attend too?

Spouses, families, and friends are welcome to participate in all WEC events. Even children 4-years-old to 6th grade can come and attend WEC Kids if you register them beforehand.

How can I get involved in future WECs?

If you’d like to get involved with WEC this year, please fill out the volunteer form found on our volunteer page. If you’d like to be involved next year, please email 

How can i get free food?

If you would like to eat a free meal and interact more with our guest speaker, please RSVP for meals by February 22nd by filling out the form below.

Who can I contact if I have an additional question?

If you have any questions, please contact the MIM department at