Student HUB



For Student Issuance of I-20 Immigration Papers


After you have received preliminary acceptance by the DTS Admissions Department, you will receive an email from International Student Development within 48 hours. The email will include four items to complete in order to be fully accepted. Submit these items to International Student Development:

  1. Student Data Identification Form
  2. Financial Documentation – necessary funds for first 12 months of study
  3. Current Immigration Status – if you are currently in the United States or are applying from overseas

Start Dates

F-1 visa students are required to attend international student orientation (in Dallas) before starting courses. Orientations are held the week before classes start in the fall and spring semesters. Therefore, F-1 visa students may only start in person courses during the fall or spring semesters. We strongly encourage students to plan toward a fall start date based on the rotation of courses on campus and so they finish their degree and can attend commencement in a spring semester.



Due to government policies, internships are considered Curricular Practical Training (F-1). Select other visa holders may study incidentally, but have no provision for completing an internship.

If you plan on coming to DTS on a work or religious visa, please contact International Student Development for more information.