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Required TB Test

International students must provide official written medical proof of freedom from tuberculosis, through either a negative skin or blood test (or chest X-ray) that was given inside the United States within the last twelve months. Tuberculosis testing done in countries other than the United States will not be accepted.


If you have written proof of being tested for tuberculosis in the last twelve (12) months, please send a copy of your test results to International Student Development.


If you have not been tested for tuberculosis in the last twelve (12) months, be prepared for you and your dependents to be tested for tuberculosis during the week of orientation (the week before classes start your first semester). More information will be provided with your welcome packet. Your cost for the required test will be approximately $25 – $100 USD per family member. If the initial test comes back positive, then an x-ray must be done, which will cost an additional $80.


If you are interested, you can find out more about tuberculosis at the US Center for Disease Control website.


Important – DTS does recommend all prospective students have adequate immunizations for diphtheria, rubeola/rubella/mumps (MMR), tetanus, and poliomyelitis (see Texas Department of Health’s Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule).