Student HUB



Government regulations require 12 months of proven funding. Once an international is accepted, International Student Development will dutifully inform the applicant of the financial documentation required, namely the yearly expenses for 12 months of study at DTS. Expenses reflect first-year initial expenses and vary by size of household, type of visa, and level of program.

2023-2024 International Expenses*

ProgramSingle& Spouse1 Child2 Child3 Child4 Child
Master$34,483 $44,413 $54,343 $64,273 $74,203 $84,133
Doctoral$30,883 $40,813 $50,743 $60,673 $70,603 $80,533

Acceptable Proofs of Funding

We will collect all of the following documents submitted and add them up until the student reaches the total required amount as proof of funding:

  • Bank statements
  • Financial accounts
  • Pledges from supporters
  • Other acceptable liquid assets

Financial Aid

Once the student proves the required funding, they will need to provide International Student Development with the following documents:

  • Student Data Form for Issuance of I-20 Immigration Form (a link to this form will be sent to the student once funding has been proven);
  • A letter describing your expected sources of funds for the remaining years of your degree program;
  • A scanned copy of passport for you and each member of your family, as applicable;
  • If you are married, a copy of your marriage certificate. If your marriage certificate is not in English, please provide a Certified English copy of your marriage certificate; and
  • If you will be coming without your spouse and/or children, a letter describing how your family will be provided for during your absence
You and your dependents are required to be tested for tuberculosis before starting classes. More information will be provided. Your cost for the required test will be approximately $25-$100 USD per family member.